Since Vincents was founded in 1994, it has become one of the premier gourmet establishments in Eastern Europe. The restaurant offers menus that can be specially designed for any occasion. It maintains a close relationship with many of Latvia’s small-scale organic farmers, from whom it purchases its ingredients directly whenever possible, so the menu changes according to the seasons.

“Tasting wines blind from Tuscany and Bordeaux convinced me once again how surprisingly similar these regions can be. Fine Bordeaux blends from Tuscany show equally generous structure and purity of fruit, with intense but very refined silky tannins and lively, refreshing acidity.”

Raimonds Tomsons
Head Sommelier


The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Raimonds Tomsons

Head Sommelier – Vincents

Ivo Orlovs

Head Sommelier – Biblioteka Nr.1.

Reinis Sniedze

Head Sommelier – Kolonade

Agnese Meiersone

Head Sommelier – Ferma

Ivars Kalninš

Head Sommelier – Riviera

Anastasija Vinogradova

Head Sommelier – Easy Wine

Krists Freijs

Sommelier – 3 Pavari

Uldis Bruders

Sommelier – 3

Arturs Zinovjevs

Head Sommelier – Giardino

A truly memorable and educational evening with well-paired food and wines, as well as great professionals who gave their all about wine! The food was absolutely wonderful and the service was excellent. Thank you, Zonin, I’m still enjoying the aftertaste!

Reinis Sniedze
Head Sommelier