The splendid setting of the Hotel Villa Principe Leopoldo in Lugano offers creative, well thought-out dishes paired with exciting beverages, maximizing and allowing for the perfect taste experience.

Gustav Trägårdh, Sweden’s Chef of the year for 2010, presents both classic and innovative dishes, primarily based on fish and shellfish.

“A great wine and food experience. Noteworthy was Rocca di Montemassi 2012: total harmony, velvety structure, finesse and elegance at the service of an excellent young roast of venison. A long life ahead of it.”

Gabriele Speziale

Head Sommelier

Principe Leopoldo


The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Gabriele Speziale

Head Sommelier – Principe Leopoldo

Simone Ragusa

Sommelier – Hotel lido seegarten

Piero Tenca

Presidente Nazionale ASSP

Emilio del Fante

Sommelier – Hotel Villa Castagnola

Demetrio Lotartaro

Sommelier – Gallo D’Oro

Dario Piccinelli

Sommelier – Locanda Orico

Daniele Quarteri

Restaurant Manager – Seven The Restaurant

Rodolfo Introzzi

Sommelier – Il Bottegone del vino

Simon Gustafsson

Head Sommelier – The Chedi Andermatt

Giuseppe Guida

Bar manager – The Chedi Andermatt

“A pleasant, intriguing sensorial journey through different terroirs and wines, each one of them with its own style and soul. Special thanks to Zonin1821 for the emotions they gave us and to Eduardo Caballero and Stefano Ferrante for their professionalism.”
Pietro Tenca

National President

Association Suisse des Sommeliers Professional.