Through Toqué!, Normand Laprise and Christine Lamarche aimed to create a restaurant based on market-fresh cuisine where the emphasis is placed on local products. In 1993, they took the gamble that led them to becoming both chefs and owners of a gastronomic restaurant, in a city that was then in full recession. They have risen to the challenge by building strong relationships with producers, which allow them to provide their customers with the lasting quality of local expertise.


“When you have the chance to taste so many wines representing different area from Italy you truly understand the greatness of their terroir. The Zonin family has a warmth and a welcoming kindness that shows in their wines with a finesse and depth you don’t find very often, it makes them special.”


Maxime Lavallée
Head Sommelier

Lady sommeliers’ Lunch

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Maxime Lavallee
Head Sommelier – Toqué!

Carl Villeneuve Lepage
Sommelier – Toqué!

Maiko Paquette-Fujinaga
Director – Butter y

Aline Chêne
Sommelier – Shinji

Natalie Richard
Wine Consultant – Vallier

Émilie Rainville
Co-Owner – Notkins

Julie Daunais
Director – Méchant Boeuf

Sabrina Natale
Bar Manager – Versés

Elyse Lambert
Best Sommelier of Canada 2015 – Maison Boulud

Liette Tremblay
Sommeliere – Brasserie T

Mylene Poisson
Sommelier – Maison Boulud

Genevieve Renaud
Director – W Montreal

Hélène Lemonde
Sommelier – Bocata and Barroco

“The Zonin family has been able to grow without losing the respect of classical wine styles of each region. We can nd wines that reach all of the categories of wine, from the entry level to the iconic Supertuscan. Thank you for your talented versatility.”

Carl Villeneuve Lepage