At Tjuvholmen, looking towards the Astrup Fearnley museum and close to the water, there is a particular Fish and Seafood concept: Tjuvholmen Sjømagasin. It is divided into several areas: the main restaurant, the open Chambre Separée, the Fish Deli and the Conference Centre. Dark lobsters and king crabs can be admired in the aquarium at the entrance, and the scent of fish and shellfish waft out into the dining room from the panoramic kitchen.

“The lunch was very interesting, and there were some very memorable flavors and combinations that will remain with me for quite some time to come.”

Jenny Bjørklund
Head Sommelier
Tjuvholmen Sjømagasin


Dal Friuli alla Puglia scoprendo la diversità dei vini frizzanti e spumanti italiani


Jenny Bjørklund

Head Sommelier – Sjømagasinet

Peter Brorson

Head Sommelier – Restaurant Ekeberg

Joakim Bojang

Sommelier – Restaurant Ekeberg

Jeanette Pedersen

General Manager – Homans Bistro

Aida Arapovic

Head Waitress – Champagneria Frogner

Linda Holm

Sommelier – Farris Bad

Thomas Bounias

Head Sommelier – Onda Restaurant

Agnes Ekengren

Restaurant Manager – Gastro Royal

Nathalie Nordin

Sommelier – Homasn Bistro

Sandro Franzèn

Head waiter – Farris Bad

Daniel Johnsson

Sommelier and co-owner – Champagneria Tönsberg

Randi Hagland

Restaurant Manager – Gastro Royal

“Prosecco 1821 Prestige: the Best in Show! So nice to go back to how a Prosecco is supposed to be. You’ll love the almondy sensations!”

Peter Brorson

Head Sommelier

Restaurant Ekeberg