The Savoy has been the flagship of Finnish gastronomy and restaurant culture for decades. Its kitchen, known for its classics, is also a trailblazer for modern gastronomy, with an emphasis on healthy eating. The head chef decides where the best raw materials are to be found. His close contacts with organic farmers, hunters, fishermen, the best food wholesalers, vineyards, herb sellers and bakerys guarantee that the ideal ingredients for a great menu are available all year long.


“Tasting the wines with winemakers from Castello d’Albola and Rocca di Montemassi was educational and fun. I learned a lot about the different vintages, Tuscan climate and soil types. After this experience I see Tuscan wines in totally new light.”


Antti Uusitalo
The Savoy

The twin souls of Tuscany

The tradition of Chianti Classico VS the innovation of the Maremma


Tommi Walther
Wine blogger / freelance writer
Wine blog Voihan Vinetto, Etelä-Suomen Sanomat

Birthe Laitinen
Sommelier – Lasipalatsi

Antti Uusitalo
Sommelier – The Savoy

Heli Öun
Restaurant Manager Hotel Kaus K – Toscanini

Lena Modig
Sommelier – Tintå

Noora Bouix
Sommelier – The Savoy

Jari Lampen
Editor in Chief – Aromi & Avec

“The theme of the lunch was well presented, with several vintages to taste and discuss. A fun workshop in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Birthe Laitinen