The Arts Club was founded in 1863 by men of vision in order to provide a haven for those people who had professional or amateur relationships with the Arts, Literature or Sciences. The Club has provided this hospitality and friendship ever since, having survived two World Wars, as well as political and economic anomalies over the years.

“We were definitely given a remarkable insight as to how Prosecco can be drunk throughout a meal. Matching it with harmonious, sublime food allowed us to appreciate Prosecco in a whole new way, thanks to the versatility of its bubbles and freshness.”

Andrea Santangelo
Head Sommelier
The Arts Club


Dal Friuli alla Puglia scoprendo la diversità dei vini frizzanti e spumanti italiani


Andrea Santangelo

Head Sommelier – The Arts Club

Francois Ginther

Wine Director – Partridges

Natasha Hughes

Journalist –

Ruth Sullivan

Journalist – Financial Times

Steven Spurrier

Journalist – Decanter

Harry Crowther

Wine Buyer – M Restaurants

Alessandro De Angelis

Assistant Head Sommelier – D&D London

Sergi Benito

Head Sommelier – The Angler

This was a very interesting tasting of Prosecco, because I had never considered it in a gastronomic context before. I think this event took Prosecco to another level of appreciation.

Anders Enquist
Editor in Chief Livets
Goda Magazine