Tartufo’s owner has always been in love with Italy and its culinary traditions: those of the Riviera dei Fiori, the Veneto, Trento Alto Adige and elsewhere. It is there that Kayes discovered the extraordinary richness of Italian products, which surprise us in all their simplicity. Tartufo stands for the relaxed enjoyment of this simplicity and perfection, with an Italian touch.

“It was an honor to be able to pair my Italian Cuisine with wines of such prestige and share them with very knowledgeable sommeliers from all over Brussels. Thank you!

Kayes Ghourabi
Sommelier and Chef


Comparing three of the world’s most successful sparklers


Kayes Ghourabi

Sommelier and Chef – Tartufo

Julien Stephant

Head Sommelier – Etiquette-Wines

Bram Moens

Sommelier – Het Spaans Dak

Sarah Lacour

Head Sommelier – Villa in the Sky

Christof Spinelli

Blogger – dolcevitaspinelli.com

Vicky Corbeels

Wine Writer – viconsult.de

Gregory Grooteclaus

Sommelier – Arenberg

Pascal Dewerie

Sales Rep – Winespot

Andy De Brouwer

Head Sommelier – Les Eleveurs

Mary Serge

Head Sommelier – Il Maestro

Anthony Presti

Head Sommelier – Eat & Geniet

A very interesting lunch and theme, comparing the world’s most famous sparklers. Thank you for this opportunity to exchange our opinions on these wines with other professionals.

Gregory Grooteclaes