“Rough fine dining” is the experience you can expect at Tango, with a high quality menu based on seasonal local produce. The Chefs are “food geeks”, seeking perfection in everything they do yet keeping it casual, so you will be served a meal that is both visually exciting and tasty. You don’t know what’s on the menu every day: just trust Tango’s professionals to give you the very best, on your plate and in your glass.

“It was a really nice challenge for the chefs to make food to pair with the wines that were presented. It was also a pleasant way to meet our fellow colleagues from the restaurant business in Stavanger. We’ll be more than happy to be hosts another time as well!

Tommy Oppedal Raanti
Managing Director


The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Tommy Oppedal Raanti

Managing Director – Tango

Paal Stolt-Pettersen Larsen

Sommelier – Tango

Alexander Geiro

Restaurant Manager – Utstein Kloster

Heidi Friheim

General Manager – Bevaremegvel

Christoffer Ingebretsen

Restaurant Manager – Spiseriet

Emil Heimdal

Sommelier – Spiseriet

Dimitar Dimitri

Restaurant Manager – Hall Toll

Marie Therese Myrruster

Sommelier – Bevaremegvel Bar & Restaurant

This lunch took me back to my early days as a sommelier, when my friends and I were always tasting blind, pairing food and guessing grapes and origin. It was great to hear my colleagues’ thoughts on the different wines. Your wines really performed well!

Magnus Lindstrøm
Restaurant and Wine Manager
NB Sørensen Dampskipsexpedisjon