With the West Sea close by, the restaurant’s desire is to offer something more than just a meal, to blur the boundaries between kitchen and guest, and focus on a love of food and fresh ingredients. Its philosophy is to follow nature’s shifts, get the best out of produce and playfully refine it. Swedish Taste in Gothenburg is today a house of flavors where a joyful passion for food and drink flourishes.

“This lunch confirmed that a good wine doesn’t need to be expensive: Sassabruna 2014 was a great example. It has everything one expects from a Super Tuscan: ripe red fruits, fine and intense wood with a hint of smoke, pepper and cloves; round and pleasant; fresh with a long spicy finish.”

Victor Fuentes
Head Sommelier
Swedish Taste


Confronti e diversità di due terre Toscane


Victor Fuentes Quezada

Head Sommelier – Swedish Taste

Victor Dahlberg

Owner and Sommelier – BBB

Christer Cederbom

Sommelier and Manager – BBB

Gustav Cansund

Sommelier – Upper house Dininig

Jesper Olsson

Sommelier – Kock & Vingruppen

Axel Schiller

Sommelier & Owner – Vingalleri/Hamnskjulet/Liquid Brands

Nils Lilie

Sommelier & Owner – Vinhjälpen/Lilla Spinneriet

Fredrik Hjalmarsson

Head Sommelier and Manager – Br. Olssons Elektriska

Oscar Carlson

Sommelier and Manager – The Barn

Erik Jonsson

Sommelier and Winemaker – Värdens Vin

Christian Bävemark

Sommelier and Owner – Värdens Vin

Fredrik Hjelm

Sales – Pernod Ricard Sverige

Krister Sandberg

Sales – Pernod Ricard Sverige

This lunch was a delightful journey through some of the most interesting areas of Tuscany in a relaxed and educational environment. By trying all the wines blind we were able to fully explore our perception of them and of the terroirs of Tuscany.

Victor Dahlberg
Owner and Sommelier