Nestled in Vienna’s most beautiful park, Steirereck is a house that dreams are made of, elegant and sleek, bright and sparkling, a shrine to taste in all its forms. To ensure that the products are of the highest quality, Heinz Reitbauer, the chef, takes them from his own farm. In the harmonious modern restaurant, the charming Birgit Reitbauer supervises an excellent service and lavishes every attention on her guests.


“Thanks for the exciting wines to our specialties. Today we discovered some new indigenous sparkling wine rarities, especially of Oltrepò Pavese. It was a very delicious pairing!”

René Antrag
Head Sommelier

Italy’s effervescent delights

From Friuli to Puglia, discover the diversity of Italian Sparkling Wines


Rene Antrag
Head Sommelier – Steirereck

Franz Del Fabro
Owner – Del Fabro

Alfred Leyrer
Head Sommelier – Kuchlmasterei

Jürgen Gruber Kalteis
Head Sommelier – Park Hyatt

Josef Schuster
Sales Manager – Del Fabro

Marcel Ribis
Head Sommelier – Edvard

Simon Schubert
Head Sommelier – Mraz

Johannes Mayer
Head Sommelier – Sacher

Walter Bauer
Owner – Walter Bauer

“The opportunity to enjoy the culinary delights of “Steirereck” combined with those excellent sparkling wines from different Italian regions in the group of the Viennese Sommeliers, was a great pleasure.”

Simon Schubert
Head Sommelier
Mraz und Sohn