The Sir Kwinten wine restaurant is located in Lennik, near Brussels. Its classical cuisine with a modern twist, is based on seasonal ingredients. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed. Guests are welcome to have a quick lunch with a glass of wine, or they can celebrate with a 5-course menu. The wine list is focused on European wines. At Sir Kwinten, food and wine pairings are extremely important and a different wine is usually suggested for each dish.


“It was a pleasure to host such an interesting event where both, the wines from the Zonin family estates and a selection of french wines showed really well in a blind tasting.”


Yanick Dehandschutter
Head Sommelier
Sir Kwinten

David and Goliath

The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challange


Yanick Dehandschutter
Head Sommelier – Sir Kwinten

Gregory Van Acker
Head Sommelier – De Jonckman

Eric Boschman
Wine Writer

Kristof Uyttendaele
Sommelier – Spaans Dak

Natalie Dillaerts
Sommelier – Spaans Dak

Sarah Lacour
Sommelier – Alexandre

Daniele Sticca
Sommelier – La Cuisine d’un Gourmand

Andy De Brouwer
Head Sommelier – Les Eleveurs

William Wouters
Director – Spirodrome Charleroi

Frédérique de Thibault
Sommelier – Winery

“Acciaiolo 2011 was just heaven on earth. Sir Kwinten cuisine symbolizes a retrieved hedonism.”

Eric Boschman
Wine Writer