Local seasonal foods and avors are the culinary focus at Rouge, located in Calgary’s historic Cross House. Rouge boasts a working, sustainably-farmed garden, as well as offering – with its huge trees and native perennials – the atmosphere of a secluded retreat, making this one of Alberta’s most sought-after wedding venues.
The award-winning wine cellar is a splendid complement to the local fare.

“An amazing success: as we succeeded in hosting the event in our garden, with warm sunshine on our faces, we all remarked on how beautiful a day it was for a battle!
Kudos to the winemakers from each property; our minds were all opened that day”.

Mike Burns

General Manager



The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Juri Brattšik

Head Sommelier – Tchaikovsky

Heiko Hiller

Head Sommelier – Musu

Kaul Jõul

Sommelier – NOA

Natalja Kudinova

Sommelier – Art Priori

Ketri Leis

Sommelier Leib – Resto & Aed

Priit Parts Head

Sommelier – MEKK

Oskar Pihlik

Sommelier Leib – Resto & Aed

Orm Puks Head

Sommelier – Art Priori

Mari-Liis Tohver

Sommelier – Fabrik

“What a superb tasting we had! It’s the best thing I’ve been to in some time: wines were lovely, food was great, eating outside was a bonus, and Francesco is a fantastic ambassador for Italian wines.”
Ted Clouthier
General Manager

Calgary Petroleum Club