Tallinn’s old town restaurant Ribe has been one of the favorite places among local gourmets and visitors to the city since it opened in 2007. Ribe’s tasty, Nordic-styled dishes are made from the freshest local produce and skillfully prepared using the techniques of fine French cuisine. The menu is accompanied by a rich selection of wines and craft beers, including classics as well as more innovative products.

“My favorite wine was the same as when I tasted it back in Italy: Il Solatio. The Virginian Nebbiolo was nice too, but overall I tend to go more for true Italian wines. The STL concept is amazing, because it brings people together and also gives wines a much more personal dimension.”

Tanel Turk
Head Sommelier
The Arts Club

Jefferson’s Dream

Italian winegrowing on both sides of the Atlantic


Tanel Turk

Head Sommelier – Ribe

Kady Kamar

Manager – F&B

Juri Brattšik

Head Sommelier – Tchaikovsky

Antonius Kristjan Markii

President of Estonian Sommelier Association – ESA

Kristjan Peäske

Owner – Leib

Tarvo Sarapuu

Head Sommelier – The Able Butcher

Imre Uussaar

Head Sommelier – Dominic Restaurant

Jüri Viital

Head Sommelier – Horisont Restaurant

Aivar Vipper

F&B – Manager

Tervise Paradiis Ketri Leis

Sommelier – Leib Resto & Aed

Igor Sööt

Opinion Leader – Vin de France

Sander Kink

Sommelier – NOA

Maario Pajumae

Sommelier – UMB Roht

A great location and great wines. It was a lot fun to discover Italian grape varieties and wines from Virginia from the same cultivars!

Peter Brorson
Head Sommelier
Restaurant Ekeberg