We seek inspiration for our metropolitan cuisine in our immediate surroundings and historic or local traditions, but also new gastronomic phenomena that we are surrounded by everyday. Modern cooking techniques mixed with classic – both Swedish and international – methods are used to extract the maximum gastronomic results from each of our ingredients. This is the fourth phase: Stockholm Multi- Technique.

“I thought that Castello del Poggio’s Brachetto was very interesting. It had a really special mouthfeel: sweet, fruity and also a bit tannic. This is a wine I could definitely work with in our restaurant.”.

Martin Heed

Restaurant Manager


Aromatic grapes

The Art of Pairing Wines with Food


Erin Stockton

Sommelier – Gaston Vinbar

Kent Johansson

Sommelier – Gastrovin

Daniella Lundh

Sommelier – Agrikultur

Hanna Wessman

Sommelier – Frantzen

Frida Hansson

Sommelier – Babette

Carl Troedsson

Sommelier – Hantverket

Hans Weinefalk Larsson

Sommelier – Oaxen

Martin Heed

Sommelier – Pubologi

“1999 Aristos Sauvignon was the best of the day. These lunches are just perfect, with so many talented sommeliers, where everyone gets to talk about their taste and experiences and their own view on wine and I always learn. I look forward to the next STL!”

Kent Johansson