The internationally oriented wine restaurant, Pazzo, is located in a converted warehouse between Antwerp’s historic city centre and the port. Just as the port of Antwerp receives goods from all around the globe, the restaurant, too, is open to a diversity of culinary influences. With its understated and simple contemporary design, Pazzo has created an atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home.


“The wines of Southern Italy may not have the prestige of its northern counterparts, but so many of them are such a joy to drink. It’s a great place to explore wines with unique flavors and characteristics.”


Tom d’Hooghe

Mediterranean Wines

The unexpected elegance and freshness of the South of Italy


Sepideh Sedaghatnia
Head Sommelier – ‘t Zilte

César Roman
Head Sommelier – Comme Chez Soi

Yanick Dehandschutter
Head Sommelier – Sir Kwinten

Kris Lismont
Head Sommelier – Mondevino

Jan Rots
Head Sommelier – Brasserie Latem

William Wouters
Sommelier – Comme Chez Soi

Luc Dickens
Head Sommelier – De Schone Van Boskoop

Serge Verboven
Head Sommelier – De Loberge

Dirk Rodriguez
Journalist – Vino Magazine

Christophe Spinelli
Blogger – Dolce Vita

“Very surprising to have had such a nice blind tasting with old vintages. Great place, great food, great wines!”

Yanick Dehandschutter
Head Sommelier
Sir Kwinten