Paju Villa restaurant opened in 2017 and it is the youngest sister-restaurant of OKO, NOA and Tuljak. Head chef Tõnis Siigur says that he keeps local people in mind while composing the menu. The compact kitchen sets limits for cooking options, so the whole menu fits on one page and is gradually changed in accordance with seasonal produce. The restaurant can seat around 60–70 people on two floors and guests can enjoy the outdoor terrace when the weather is good.

“The atmosphere was calm, yet impressively intense and inspiring: it was amazing and eye-opening to experience that caliber of professionalism. With delightful company, great wines and delicious food it just can’t get better than that.”

Norman Öövel
Paju Villa


The importance of soil in tasting terroir


Norman Öövel

Sommelier – Paju Villa

Terje Lindau

Owner/Sommelier – Ruhe Restaurant

Andrei Faleev

General Manager – Nautilus Uyster Bar&Grill

Katrily Lepik

Event Manager – Telegraaf

Mattias Põld

Head Sommelier – Noa

Sander Kink

Sommelier – Noa

Martti Siimann

Owner – Noa

Tanel Turk

Head Sommelier – Ribe

Jüri Viital

Head Sommelier – Horisont Restaurant

Mikk Parre

Head Sommelier – Moon

Ketri Leis

Sommelier – Pazzo

Priit Parts

Head Sommelier – Mekk

Tiina Treumann

Owner – Salt

Alis Raudsepp

Head Sommelier – Ore

Ritta Roosaar

F&B Manager – Hedon Spa Restaurants

Juks Ojaperv

Beer Sommelier – Platz

Ulari Talumaa

Service Manager – Tervise Paradiis

Thank you for an absolutely informative and interesting night! For me the most surprising wine was the Cabernet Sauvignon from Virginia and the best pairings Tuna with Poggio alle Fate and Carpaccio with Carandelle. Hope we can do this again soon!

Ketri Leis