We have the same core values as the “old” Oaxen. We cherish the wildlife of our new home, and select only the best produce while guaranteeing sustainability and local husbandry. All ingredients used in the kitchen are sourced within Scandinavia, with the majority of herbs and plants harvested in Djurgården. We have taken locally-produced items to the next level:the steak knives, porcelain and even the tables are produced in the docks 200 meters from the restaurant

“Il Solatio from Castello di Albola really shows the greatness of Tuscany as a wine region. It was in perfect harmony with the Swedish cuisine.”

Fredrik Horn
Head Sommelier

Jefferson’s Dream

Italian winegrowing on both sides of the Atlantic


Kent Johansson
Sommelier – Gastrovin

Daniella Lundh
Sommelier – AAgrikultur

Hannes Seeman
Sommelier – Operakällaren

David Svensson
Sommelier – Pubologi

Gustav Hyllienmark
Sommelier – Woodstock

Carl Troedsson
Sommelier – Hantverket

Erik Dahlström
Head Sommelier – Livents Goda

Fredrick Horn
Head Sommelier – Oaxen

Hanna Wessman
Sommelier – Frantzen

Casper Cohen
Web Developer – Livets Goda

“Now I know that great Nebbiolos do not only originate from the hills of Piedmont. Barboursville’s wine cannot be compared with its Italian counterparts; it has its own style and it comes from a surprising terroir in Virginia.”

David Svensson