Nodee Sky is more than a restaurant, a sky bar, a night lounge or a venue for events.
It is all of these together: a place where likeminded people meet and leave with a story to tell. Nodee Sky brings you a night full of exciting Japanese food, cocktails, new friends, exhilaration and good music. Take the glass elevator to the restaurant, where the breathtaking view of the sea and the Oslo skyline is one of a kind.

“Hosting such an event has been a real pleasure. Gathering sommeliers together to discuss wine and food is a great opportunity to learn.”

Vivi Tran
Restaurant manager
Nodee Sky


Comparing three of the world’s most successful sparklers


Vivi Tran

Restaurant Manager – Nodee Sky

Nicolas Cornard

Event Manager – Nodee Sky

Kenneth Simsø

Restaurant Manager – Hvelvet

Elin Tran

Restaurant Manager – Nodee Barcode

Joakim Bojang

Sommelier – Genki

Viktor Andersson

General Manager – Genki

Jan Tore Heed

General Manager – Eger

Bowie Kiat

Maître d’hôtel – Tatakii Asian

Emma Nyman

Sommelier – Festningen

Peter Brorsson

Sommelier – Fursetgruppen

Phillip Gregson

Sommelier – Ekebergrestauranten

Michael Carlsson

Sommelier – Farris Bad

This is and remains the most amazing wine event you can experience as a sommelier: not only the lunch itself, but also the chance to get in touch with new and old acquaintances with the same interests. A lovely, relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere.

Joakim Bojang