NEH is Pad̈ aste Manor’s seasonal kitchen in the city: a bistro-style foodie heaven that invites guests to meet Estonia’s finest culinary team, whose true home is at Pad̈ aste Manor on Muhu Island. This city sanctuary likewise pays respect to the cuisine of the Nordic Islands, with authenticity produce and seasonal flavors of the season. NEH is a informal, good-value haven for foodies.


“The Italian sparkling wines offered me a singular experience of outstanding food and wine pairing. Food highlights were cured duck with Bonarda and honeycake with Brachetto.”


Miika Õunaid
NEH & Alexander

Italy’s effervescent delights

From Friuli to Puglia, discover the diversity of Italian Sparkling Wines


Miika Ounaid
Sommelier – NEH & Alexander

Ebe Ingeroinen
Restaurant Manager – NEH

Rain Tunger
Owner – Pegasus & Rataskaevu 16

Rein Kark
Owner – Lusikas & Dominic

Aron Rahu
Sommelier – Dominic

Kaul Jõul
Sommelier – NOA

Laur Ihermann
Shift Chief – NOA

Terje Lindau
Owner – Ruhe

Kristina Orekhova
Sommelier – WineWay

Mihhail Laurand
Restaurant Manager – Enzo Cafe

Ants Juhani
Owner – GMP Clubhotel & Pu haja rve

Teet Unger
Manager – Cafe Truffe

Meelis Vili
Restaurant Manager – Hermitage

“It was great to see what amazing combinations you can figure
out when chefs and sommerliers really cooperate.”

Kaul Jõul
Head Sommelier