Muru is a small bistro style restaurant located in the heart of Helsinki. Its idea is to offer fresh, well-made food from the best ingredients available each day. Owners Samuil Angelov, Henri Alen and Timo Linnamäki are all long-term professionals; they founded Muru in 2010, and it was chosen as “Restaurant of the Year for 2012” by the Gastronomic Society. “Fun dining rather than fine dining” is Muru’s motto.

“Tasting all these sparkling wines together was eye-opening for me: different styles but the same gentle finesse, and – especially- different bubblies for different moments. While Champagne is perfect for formal occasions, Prosecco is just unbeatable for flirty ones.”

Samuil Angelov
Sommelier and Owner


Comparing three of the world’s most successful sparklers


Samuil Angelov

Sommelier and Owner – Muru

Noora Sipilä

Waiter – Muru

Taneli Lehtonen

Sommelier – Muru

Teiju Vesa

Journalist – Hirvihaaran Kartano

Päivi Parkkola

Sommelier – Roux/Popot

Jan-Martin Rossi

Sommelier – Emo

Kim Moliis

Beverage Director – Olo Group

Heidi Martikainen

Sommelier – Solna

Matias Pietarinen

Sommelier – Teatteri Kellobaari

Ronny Malmberg

Head Sommelier – Farang

Amazing lunch: food, wines and overall company. Networking as well as training our senses is part of our job. Can’t wait to participate in the next Sommeliers’ Themed Lunch!

Jan-Martin Rossi