After several years of success, Andy De Brouwer’s passion for wine as well as for the more relaxed concept he terms “Bistronomy” got the upper hand and the new “Les Eleveurs” was born. The re- styled interior forms the basis for a free and easy atmosphere. The name refers to the breeders of the well-known draft horses of Brabant. Young and talented Chef Nico Corbesier offers a small menu consisting mostly of fresh, good-value, seasonal dishes, which Andy pairs with a selection of fine wines, many available by the glass.


“All wines were well difined with a recognisable origin and grape varities with the typical Italian smooth acidity. Those types of events give us the chance to get together high standard sommeliers and give the winery the opportunity to up- grate their portofolio of high standard restaurants in our country.”


Andy De Brouwer
Head Sommelier
Les Eleveurs

The twin souls of Tuscany

The tradition of Chianti Classico VS the innovation of the Maremma


Stéphane Godfroid
Journalist – De Standaard

Hervé Lalau
Journalist – In Vino Veritas

Andy De Brouwer
Sommelier & Journalist – Les Eleveurs

Yanick Dehandschutter
Head Sommelier – Sir Kwinten

Jean-Adelson Razée
Sommelier – Le Gré du Vent

César Roman
Sommelier – Comme Chez Soi

Antoine Lehebel
Head Sommelier – La Villa Lorraine

William Wouters
Sommelier – Spirodrome Charleroi

Ben Lacombe
Sommelier – La Truffe Noire

“The Zonin event at Les Eleveurs was memorable. It gave me excellent food (and wines) for thought! Looking forward to the next one!”

Hervé Lalau
In Vino Veritas