Québec City

One of the best restaurants in Québec City, Panache is an award-winning establishment nestled within the stone walls and exposed wooden beams of a maritime warehouse dating back to 1822. With a dining room offering exceptional intimacy, along with stunning views of the St. Lawrence River, Panache is a destination popular with both locals and visitors to Québec City.

“The Zonins were not taking a gamble, they knew what they were doing: their wines are in the same league as the very best.

Yann Barrette-Bouchard




The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Yann Bouchard
Sommelier – Le Panache

Nicola Cortina
Owner – Ristorante Michelangelo

Marc Drouin
Sommelier – Toast

Etienne Genest
Chef de Rang – Laurie Raphaël

Martin  Gosselin
Director – La Fenouillière

Christophe Mertz
Sommelier – Restaurant Le Ciel

Benoit Tmutier
Sommelier – Le Panache

Martin Trudel
Manager – Buyer – Cosmos Group

“The best feature of this event was seeing the possibilities and fine quality offered by Italian wines, pitting them against some challenging choices from France.
It was great to meet young sommeliers with a strong passion and profound knowledge of wines.”
Martin Gosselin


La Fenouillère