With its location in metropolitan Brussels, the Le Chalet de la Forêt brings together tradition and avant-garde elements in perfect harmony. The beauty of the location – with the town’s hustle and bustle as a backdrop – the passing of the seasons in the vegetable garden and the generous cuisine of the remarkable talent that is Pascal Devalkeneer combine to make this a place of excellence (awarded two stars by the Michelin guide).

“It was an honor for us to host wines from such diverse terroirs – Virginia and Tuscany – from estates owned and cherished by a single family, the Zonins, who are working on two continents with similar passion!”

Cesar Roman
Head Sommelier
Le Chalet de la Forêt

Jefferson’s Dream

Italian winegrowing on both sides of the Atlantic


Cesar Roman
Head Sommelier – Le Chalet de la Forêt

Antoine Lehebel
Head Sommelier – La Villa Lorraine

Yanick Dehandschutter
Head Sommelier – Sir Kwinten

Sarah Lacour
Head Sommelier – Villa in the Sky

Andy De Brouwer 
Head Sommelier – Les Eleveurs

Gregory Grooteclaus
Sommelier – Arenberg

Kayes Ghourabi
Sommelier and Chef – Tartufo

Catherine Jarbinet
Sommelier – Au Coq au Champs

Jérôme Heller
Sommelier – Le Selys

Didier Paesmans
Sommelier – Gravenhof

Pascal Dewerie
Owner – Winespot

Fabian Henrion
Sommelier – Ventre Saint Gris

Christophe Spinelli

“An excellent event; one of the best restaurants I have ever had the pleasure of discovering, as well as the honor of being guided through the tasting by Lorenzo Zonin, an iconic personality of Italian wine whom – until then – I had only known by name.”

Le Sélys Restaurant