Culinary creativity that constantly reinvents itself; open to the world, but rooted in its terroir, with simplicity and respect for its products: eating at Laurie Raphael is eating Quebec. The menu highlights the richness of its terroir and almost everything in the decor was designed by local artisans. A gourmet experience that appeals to all the senses.

“What an amazing experience it was to taste the wines, create dishes to go with them and then share them with our guests: we should do it more often! Thank you, Zonin, for your generosity!

Liette Tremblay
Head Sommelier
Laurie Raphael


Italian winegrowing on both sides of the Atlantic


Liette Tremblay

Head Sommelier – Laurie Raphael

John Jay Edward Gumbley

Buyer – Bord’elle

Rebecca Perez

Founder – Goss Club

Nick De Palma

Chef Owner – Inferno

Louis Jacques Bleau

Head Sommelier – Les Cavistes

Luca Paschina

Winemaker – Barboursville

Hugo Duchesne

Head Sommelier – Le Coureur des Bois

Vianney Godbout

Owner/Sommelier – Chasse Galerie

Patrick Ubalijoro

Head Sommelier – Restaurant Chez Roger

Olivier De Montigny

Owner – La Chronique

Wow! What a fantastic experience pairing food with wines from Italy and Virginia. My taste buds were delighted: I wish the moment could have lasted much longer! I am feeling fortunate and grateful.

Patrick Ubalijoro
General Manager
Chez Roger