Villa Lorraine is the quintessential gastronomic restaurant in Brussels, with a reputation going back to 1953. The amazing talents of Chef Camille Lurkin brought the Villa Lorraine three Michelin stars, which it kept from 1972 to 1984. However, it lost its last remaining star in 2006. In April 2012, Serge Litvine appointed a new chef, Alain Bianchin, who won back an initial star in less than 2 years. Two years later, young Chef Maxime Colin took over and is determined to restore Villa Lorraine to its former glory.


“There were some classic wines and others less known without any ideas of competition among them. The fact to taste them blind allows you to focus on their inner quality and we had good surprises! And also the gathering som- meliers sharing the same passion for food and wine made it very pleasant. It’s been a truly great moment!”


Antoine Lehebel
Head Sommelier
La Villa Lorraine

David and Goliath

The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challange


Antoine Lehebel
Head Sommelier – La Villa Lorraine

Christophe Spinelli
Blogger – Independant Journalist

William Wouters
Restaurant Manager – Spirodrome Charleroi

Nicolas Piolon
Sommelier – Friture René

Cesar Roman
Head Sommelier – Comme Chez Soi

Gontran Buyse
Head Sommelier – Va Doux Vent

Damien Brunet
Chef – Va Doux Vent

Gregory Van Acker
Head Sommelier – De Jonckman

“I was really surprised by the professional way the Themed Lunch was organized. It wasn’t that easy to see the difference between some of the Italian and French wines and I was amazed by the quality in my glasses!”

Gregory Van Acker
Head Sommelier
De Jonckman