Konstantin Alexander Filippou’s purist, straightforward cuisine is characterized by an unbridled passion for ingredients as well as an eye for what really matters: the essence of taste. Filippou’s cooking re ects his multicultural background. In his rst solo restaurant, Konstantin presents his individual style, passion for cooking,
and culinary compositions from both of his worlds.

“The Sommelier Themed Lunch was a great experience. It was phenomenal to see how the world of wine works together – as different, yet equal.

It connects people all over the world – that’s the interesting thing.”

Stephan Martin
Head Sommelier
Konstantin Filippou

Jefferson’s Dream

Italian winegrowing on both sides of the Atlantic


Rene Steindachner
Chef – Alto

Dieter Steup
Managing partner – Bitnc

Gerhard Feldhofer
Sales rep – Del Fabro

Michael Seywald
F&B Manager – Hotel Triest

Stephan Martin
Head Sommelier – Konstantin Filippou

Marco Simonia
Owner – Marco Simonis Bastei 10

Thomas Schneeweiss
Head Sommelier – Meinls Restaurant

Christian Bauer
Owner – Wein & Kultur

Ivailo Atanassov
Head Sommelier – Yohm

Thomas Grund
Head Sommelier – Shiki

Wolfgang Schmid 
Editor – Wirt+Winzer Magazin

Herbert Umlauft
Editor  – Styles

“Vermentino Calasole impressed me but the Nebbiolo from Virginia surprised me. Nobody guessed it was from America, everybody thought it was from Italy.”

Thomas Grund

Head Sommelier