This intimate restaurant, founded in 2008 in the old town of Stockholm, serves just 23 guests an evening in the open kitchen. Re ned, creative cooking employs some well-mastered, inventive techniques and shows respect for traditional Swedish preservation methods and nest seasonal produce. In 2009 the restaurant gained its first Michelin star and the next year was awarded with Two Stars Michelin. Frantzén has been recognized several times as the best restaurant in Sweden and in 2013 was ranked 12th in the The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.


“Swedish cuisine, with its re ned avours and delicate texture are in a beautiful symbiosis with the ne and well structure wines from these Tuscan estates.”


Fredrik Horn
Head Sommelier

Fifty shades of Tuscany

Comparing and contrasting two outstanding terroirs of Tuscany


Fredrik Horn
Head Sommelier – Frantzén

Jon Bergqvist
Sommelier – Frantzén

Frida Hansson
Sommelier – Eriks Gondolen

Jannie Berndt
Sommelier – Gaston Vinbar

Robert Andersson
Sommelier – Hornstulls Bodega

Sofia Castenson
Sommelier – Gaston Vinbar

Kent Johansson
Sommelier, Wine & Food Writer – GastroVin

Anders Enquist
Editor in Chief – Livets Goda

Stina Parnell
Sommelier – Riche/Teatergrillen

Daniel Agerberg
Sommelier – Riche/Teatergrillen

Mercedes Bachelet
General Manager / Sommelier – Adam & Albin Matstudio

Erik Dahlstrom
Art Director – Livets Goda

“The wines from the Zonin family show a big potential for matching with top cuisine.”

Anders Enquist
Editor in Chief Livets
Goda Magazine