The Format Restaurant’s ambition is to create a space, a menu and a wine list that can adapt to whatever the client requires. When considering what ingredients to use, the most crucial factor is that they are of the highest quality and produced with respect for the environment. The staff wants the food to express all that they know and where they have been.

“The Sommeliers’ Themed Lunch shows that high-quality wine combined with local cuisine makes people smile all over the world.”

Morten Andersen


The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Morten Andersen

Owner – Format

Michael Faurholt

Owner – Krogs Fiskerestaurant

Henrik Junker

Owner – Paustian

Tim Faber

Owner – Just a Wine Bar

Felix Chahorro

Sommelier – Brace

Fabio Minto

Sous Chef – Brace

Zonin showed again why we do the work we do. The brands, the diversity and high quality of even old wines made this a lunch to remember.

Michael Faurholt
Krogs Fiskerestaurant