Fem Små Hus – which means Five Small Houses – is located in the heart of Stockholm’s Old Town. This first-class restaurant offers guests traditional Swedish cuisine with a French influence, served in a stunning historic setting. The restaurant is housed in nine beautiful vaulted cellars that extend under five houses on Nygran̈d.
There’s been a restaurant here since the 17th century, when a woman named Anna Lindberg opened her business.


”The tasting was an opportunity for us to try excellent wines, some of which were new wine to us, and see how well they suited our Swedish products.”


Niclas Lindfors
Restaurant Manager
Fem Små Hus

Mediterranean Wines

The unexpected elegance and freshness of the South of Italy


Ann Fogelberg
Journalist – Gate Report, Vinguiden

Maya Samuelsson
Sommelier – Vinkällan

Peter Månsson
Sommelier – Fem Små Hus

Niclas Lindfors
Sommelier – Fem Små Hus

Lotta Röberg
Head Sommelier – Nybrogatan 38

Anne Hedlund
Sommelier – Fågelbro Krog

Carina Viklund-Vesanen
Head Sommelier – Restaurang Himlen

Anders Kjellberg
Journalist – Munskänkarna

Meritxell Falgueras
Journalist – La Vanguardia

“The pairings of food and wine were fantastic. Even the wines by themselves were very good and tasty.”

Ann Fogelberg
Gate Report, Vinguiden