This two Michelin-starred fine dining temple is the culinary atelier of Hendrik Otto. According to their motto “Exciting, expressive, European-inspired cuisine”, Otto and his team perform magic that leaves no gustatory nerve asleep. If you seek truly European-inspired cuisine, a simple table reservation at the Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer will turn into a dining experience that remains with you forever.


“Sommelier 3.0 cooks for himself! The state-of-the-art sommelier has a chance to explore the true harmony between wine and food and shares it with others. This new approach involves delving into the culture of a nation (Italy), revealing that tradition and innovation are intimately linked.”

Shabab Jalali
Head Sommelier
Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer

The twin souls of Tuscany

The tradition of Chianti Classico VS the innovation of the Maremma


Shabab Jalali
Head Sommelier – Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer

Helen Mol
Sommelier – Getraenke Lehmann

Thomas Naehler
Owner – Steinersches Schweinchen

Batin Mumcu
Head Sommelier – Berliner Weinpilot

Philip Schenck
Sales Director Wine – Getraenke Ahlers

Andreas Hirsch
Sales Manager Wine & Spirits – Getraenke Waldhoff

Briar Rashed
Sommelier – Hamberger

The art with which Zonin 1821 presented its wines far surpassed any common wine tasting. There was active sharing from both sides, in an intimate atmosphere that combined the true spirit of wine culture with tradition. Grazie.”

Batin Mumcu
Head Sommelier
Berliner Weinpilot