Dine’s menu does not represent a single cuisine or culinary school: here you can find elements of French, Japanese and Italian cuisines, skillfully re-elaborated thanks to the imagination of E. Lapinskas and chef Ž. Laurinenas. Dine also has one of the best wine lists in Lithuania: its international scope and the older vintages on offer will satisfy even the most discriminating customer.

“This unique event was an unforgettable experience and an outstanding evening, with many beautiful wines produced with love and passion. That Albola Acciaiolo is still in my mind: such a rich, aromatic and complex wine, a pure treat to the soul. Salute!.”

Arminas Darasevicius
Head Sommelier


The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Arminas Darasevicius

Head sommelier – Dine

Martynas Pravilonis

Head Sommelier – Kempinski Hotel

Narimantas Miežys

Head Sommelier – SOMM

Jolanta Smiciene

Co-Owner – Kempinski Hotel

Jurate Sprindžiunaite

Opinion maker, journalist – Skonis.lt

Redas Norkeliunas

Head Sommelier – Imperial

Ernestas Riešuta

Manager – IDW Esperanza

Tomas Oicenka

Waiter – Dublis

Linas Kuklierius

Sommelier – Bubbles Champagneria

Andrej Anisko

Head Waiter – SOMM

Kristupas Krivickas

Owner – In Vino

Every STL is a journey of discovery into the rich world of wine, where you check the sensitivity of your taste and add to your sensory library. Castello di Albola’s Vin Santo was the true star, a wine to sip and meditate with for a while.

Jurate Sprindziunaite