Inspired by the historical atmosphere of the amazing Old Town of Tallinn, the Cru Restaurant aims to strike a balance between classic and modern cuisine, making any culinary experience truly timeless. The head chef, Dmitri Haljukov, has represented Estonia in the finals of the Bocuse d’Or competition, also known as the culinary Olympics. The wine selection is also excellent.

“Thank you so much for giving us the honor of hosting you at this wine lunch: it was great to taste all your wines – which showed beautifully – blind, in the company of many highly qualified sommeliers.”

Marko Liivamägi
Head Sommelier
Cru Restaurant


Discovering wines to rival icons from around the globe


Marko Liivamägi

Sommelier – Cru Restaurant

Tanel Turk

Head Sommelier – Ribe

Ketri Leis

Sommelier – Leib Resto & Aed

Kristjan Peäske

Owner – Leib Resto & Aed

Els-Maria Uibo

Sommelier – Umami

Evelin Rennel

Sommelier – Bordoo

Robert Põld

Sommelier – Moon

Maksim Ryndin

Sommelier – Mix

Andres Poljakov

Sommelier – NokNok

Aivar Vipper

F&B Manager – Tervise Paradiis

Katre Käärik

Manager – Antonius

Margus Linkgreim

Owner – Ribe & Platz

Kristjan Markii

President of Estonian Sommelier Association – ESA

Bart Dufour

F&B Manager – Tchaikovsky

Besides eating extremely well and learning, the Sommelier’s Themed Lunch has the very important role of uniting fellow sommeliers. We actually do not get together that often. Events like this are a great way to socialize and meet with old friends.

Kristjan Peäske
Head Sommelier