Pino surprises and refreshes your palate with “Cucina Naturale”, a classical style of cooking that emphasizes the use of only the freshest of ingredients. He believes in balance in all of his dishes, and in bringing out the natural taste of the produce. Cioppino’s boasts one of the largest wine cellars in Vancouver, with thousands of bottles available and many well-chosen labels available by the glass.

“I felt that Zonin family’s wines were a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. It’s not granted but somehow difficult.”

Pino Posteraro

Chef and Proprietor



The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Daniel Chandra
GM – Vij’s Rangoli Kitchen

Justin Everett
Sommelier – Wildebeest

Kieran Fanning
Sommelier – Chambar

Kyle Gartlan-Close
Sommelier – Le Crocodile

Antoine Gregoire
Sommelier – Fairmont Vancouver International Airport

Lisa Haley
Wine Director – L’Abattoir

Bryant Mao
Wine Director – Hawksworth

Mark McNeil
Sommelier – Savio Volpe

Sean Nelson
Sommelier – Vij’s Indian Cuisine

Chris Royal
Wine Buyer – Nook / Tavola group

Dustin Wellwood
Sommelier – Hawksworth

Pino Posteraro
Chef – Cioppino’s


“This year’s theme provided a chance to evaluate Italian wines next to their international counterparts and to witness the wines’ ability for accompanying meticulously paired dishes. Once again the STL has proven to be one of the highlights of the year.”
Kieran Fanning