A few years ago Jaron, Juho and Romany met each other casually in a restaurant and immediately found their common love for great food and dining experiences. The Torikortteli venue, located in the heart of Helsinki, immediately seemed like it might be the perfect place: a place that felt just right. This is how their dreams turned into reality and Chapter was born.

“I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to host and be part of this intriguing event, which gathered top sommeliers together to enjoy amazing wine and food. Thank you!

Joni Lötjönen


Comparing three of the world’s most successful sparklers


Joni Lötjönen

Sommelier – Chapter

Taneli Lehtonen

Sommelier – Muru

Riina Nissinen

Sommelier – Palace

Mia Stjerna

Sommelier – Shelter

Ronny Malmberg

Sommelier – Farang

Mari Moilanen

Blogger – Jotain Maukasta

Angel Layos

Sommelier – Olo

Kim Moliis

Beverage Manager – Olo Group

The tasting was instructive and relaxed. Aromas in Italian wines seem more rustic or earthy, whereas French ones are more elegant but less concentrated. My nose did not fail me and proved yet again how much a wine’s scents actually affect your palate.

Mari Moilanen
Jotain Maukasta