The fresh space with high ceilings and large windows on the corner of Eteläesplanadi and Korkeavuorenkatu is the splendid setting for Bronda, Tomi Björck´s and Matti Wikberg’s fifth restaurant. Bronda was named after the K. M. Brondin bakery and café which operated in the same location during the 1900s. The restaurant serves modern brasserie food inspired by the flavors of the major European countries around the Mediterranean Sea, particularly France, Spain and Italy.

“Tasting the various styles of effervescent wines from all over Italy was very interesting, especially combined with a lunch. That gave a good idea of how well the wines work with food. Prosecco for me is no longer just an aperitif!”

Jouni Olkkonen

Head Sommelier

BW Restaurants


From Friuli to Puglia, discover the diversity of Italian Sparkling Wines


Jouni Olkkonen
Head Sommelier – BW Restaurants

Noora Bouix 
 Sommelier –  Savoy

Antti Uusitalo
 Sommelier – Savoy

Birthe Latinen

 Assistant Restaurant Manager – Savoy

Jenni Malmberg
 Sommelier  – Pinella

Timo Jokinen
Wine Writer consultant – Viinitimo

Veli-Antti Koivuranta
Blogger, Wine educator – Viiniministeri

Laura Koskenkari
Sommelier – Muru

Edmund Liew
Head Sommelier – Bistro Sinne

Elina Valoranta
Sommelier – Toca

Timo Savolainen
Sommelier – South Park


“This lunch was a great experience and proved that sparkling wines are not only sui- table as an aperitif. Jouni from Bronda and the chefs did a great job with the food and wine combinations. I’m proud to be one of Zonin’s ambassadors in Finland!”

Antti Uusitalo