No visit to Whistler is complete without an evening at the Bearfoot Bistro, the resort’s premier fine dining restaurant. Enjoy a spectacular meal created by award-winning Executive Chef Melissa Craig, try your hand at sabering a bottle Champagne, or visit the Ketel One Ice room, the coldest vodka tasting room in the world.

“What I take back the most from the lunch is the versatility of Prosecco with all the different food, it worked very well. My best pairing was the dessert with Prosecco Ice. It wasn’t too sweet like a dessert wine and the dish was on the tart side thanks to the rhubarb: it was spot on!

Luc Trottier
Head Sommelier
Bearfoot Bistro


Comparing three of the world’s most successful sparklers


Luc Trottier

Wine Director – Bearfoot Bistro

Samantha Rahn

Wine Director – Araxi

Jason Kawaguchi

Assistant Wine Director – Araxi

Andre St Jaques

Owner Operator – Bearfoot Bistro

Jamie Memay

Assistant Sommelier – Bearfoot Bistro

David Brownridge

Wine Buyer – Nestors Wine Shop

Darin Newton

GM/Sommelier – Il Caminetto

Pat Allan

GM/Sommelier – Salted Vine

Jay Pare

Sommelier – Caramba Restaurant

Eric Blouin

Sommelier – Wine Educator

Theresa Aniol

Assistant Wine Buyer – Nestors Wine Shop

Incredible food, well thought-out wines both in terms of pairing and discussion, and a few laughs with some friends. The generosity of the family for putting on these events never fails to amaze me. Hospitality at its finest.

Jason Kawaguchi
Wine Director