Bleeding Heart takes its name from the yard where it is located, which was named after a 17th century beauty, Lady Elizabeth Hatton, who was found murdered there. The warm, wood-paneled restaurant is an ideal venue for either a business lunch or a romantic dinner. Bleeding Heart Restaurant offers modern French food, impeccable service, an award-winning ‘encyclopedic’ wine list and above all a uniquely welcoming ambience.

“Aging potential is a very interesting and fascinating subject to talk about: putting it into a tasting was a unique and fulfilling experience. Also, hearing various sommeliers’ opinions and their experiences made for a very illuminating conversation, with some great highlights.”

Christopher Delalonde
Head Sommelier
Bleeding Heart


What makes a wine get better over the years?


Christopher Delalonde

Head Sommelier – Bleeding Heart

Tanya Mann

Freelance Journalist –

Peter McCombie

Wine Consultancy –

Francesco Contento

Wine Buyer Assistant – Partridges

Walter Santini

Assistant Head Sommelier – Oblix Restaurant

Tal Groinen

Sommelier – China Tang

Christopher Walkey

Founder – Glass Of Bubbly

Leslie Coverdale

Director – Glass Of Bubbly

Sebastian Agnello

Assistant Head Sommelier – The Don

This relaxed blind tasting looked at the effects of aging on a few Italian wines, some of which we might not think about as ageworthy. The impressive but very drinkable 2001 Refosco was a revelation: rich, ripe, full of dark fruit flavors, but not heavy.

Peter McCombie
Wine Consultancy