The Arts Club was founded in 1863 by men of vision in order to provide a haven for those people who had professional or amateur relationships with the Arts, Literature or Sciences. The Club has provided this hospitality and friendship ever since, having survived two World Wars, as well as political and economic anomalies over the years.

“We were definitely given a remarkable insight as to how Prosecco can be drunk throughout a meal. Matching it with harmonious, sublime food allowed us to appreciate Prosecco in a whole new way, thanks to the versatility of its bubbles and freshness.”

Andrea Santangelo
Head Sommelier
The Arts Club


Dal Friuli alla Puglia scoprendo la diversità dei vini frizzanti e spumanti italiani


Andrea Santangelo

Head Sommelier – The Arts Club

Francois Ginther

Wine Director – Partridges

Natasha Hughes

Journalist –

Ruth Sullivan

Journalist – Financial Times

Steven Spurrier

Journalist – Decanter

Harry Crowther

Wine Buyer – M Restaurants

Alessandro De Angelis

Assistant Head Sommelier – D&D London

Sergi Benito

Head Sommelier – The Angler

This was a very interesting tasting of Prosecco, because I had never considered it in a gastronomic context before. I think this event took Prosecco to another level of appreciation.

Anders Enquist
Editor in Chief Livets
Goda Magazine




Under the direction of celebrated Michelin-starred Chef Jason Atherton, Berners Tavern is a gastronomic gem in a truly breathtaking setting.

Conveniently situated in London’s  Fitzrovia district, it offers a contemporary British menu that is simple yet elegant, using the very best produce in the British Isles.

“Our guests are becoming much more informed and this lunch gave me the opportunity to see how producers like Zonin are making Prosecco appreciated in its different styles as a real alternative to Champagne. A special note on the Altemura Rosé: it was awesome!.”

Daniel Murray
Head Sommelier
Berners Tavern


Dal Friuli alla Puglia scoprendo la diversità dei vini frizzanti e spumanti italiani


Igor Sotric
Head Sommelier – China Tang

Andrea Fasan
Head Sommelier – La Petite Maison

Daniel Murray
Head Sommelier – Berner’s Tavern

Simone Fadda
Head Sommelier – Roka Aldwych

Amy Wislocki
Managing Editor – Decanter

Chris Losh
Sommelier – Chambar

Kieren Fanning
Editor- Imbibe

Francesco Turrini
Bar Manager- Peyote

Christos Netis
Head Sommelier- Roka Charlotte Street

Francois Ginther
Wine Director- Partridges

Rebecca Nightingale

“I was happy with the quality across the range, but what really impressed me was the Malavasia Frizzante from Tenuta Il Bosco: it was highly interesting to find a very fine example of Frizzante from a different cépage like Malvasia.”

Andrea Fasan
Head Sommelier, 

Le Petite Maison




Envisioning a type of cuisine that it calls Early Coastal American, Notkins is focused on the best and freshest seafood available. From lobster to crab to shrimp to scallops, the staff choose all the best and most sustainable products the oceans have to offer. Of course, it is the oyster that holds center stage above all else. At Notkins, they know their oysters.

“It was a wonderful experience, based on surprising discoveries and great discussions amongst Montreal sommelier colleagues! I believe this event reflected the quality of the wines that Zonin has to offer and also the interesting variety of products that can be served in our restaurants.”

Emilie Rainville




From Friuli to Puglia, discover the diversity of Italian Sparkling Wines


Patricia Paradis

Alain Charbonnier 

Emilie Rainville
 Sommelier – Notkins

Victor Batista

Christophe Bourrasques

Pierre-Martin Tremblay

Louis-Jacques Bleau

Sandra Ferreira

“We often say we can do a complete menu paired only with sparkling wine… The Effervescent Delights lunch proved it brilliantly, making me understand the great difference between a Classic and a Charmat method wine! There’s no bad day with sparkling wine!”

Louis-Jacques Bleau


Restaurant Les Cavistes 




At Tjuvholmen, looking towards the Astrup Fearnley museum and close to the water, there is a particular Fish and Seafood concept: Tjuvholmen Sjømagasin. It is divided into several areas: the main restaurant, the open Chambre Separée, the Fish Deli and the Conference Centre. Dark lobsters and king crabs can be admired in the aquarium at the entrance, and the scent of fish and shellfish waft out into the dining room from the panoramic kitchen.

“The lunch was very interesting, and there were some very memorable flavors and combinations that will remain with me for quite some time to come.”

Jenny Bjørklund
Head Sommelier
Tjuvholmen Sjømagasin


Dal Friuli alla Puglia scoprendo la diversità dei vini frizzanti e spumanti italiani


Jenny Bjørklund

Head Sommelier – Sjømagasinet

Peter Brorson

Head Sommelier – Restaurant Ekeberg

Joakim Bojang

Sommelier – Restaurant Ekeberg

Jeanette Pedersen

General Manager – Homans Bistro

Aida Arapovic

Head Waitress – Champagneria Frogner

Linda Holm

Sommelier – Farris Bad

Thomas Bounias

Head Sommelier – Onda Restaurant

Agnes Ekengren

Restaurant Manager – Gastro Royal

Nathalie Nordin

Sommelier – Homasn Bistro

Sandro Franzèn

Head waiter – Farris Bad

Daniel Johnsson

Sommelier and co-owner – Champagneria Tönsberg

Randi Hagland

Restaurant Manager – Gastro Royal

“Prosecco 1821 Prestige: the Best in Show! So nice to go back to how a Prosecco is supposed to be. You’ll love the almondy sensations!”

Peter Brorson

Head Sommelier

Restaurant Ekeberg




The fresh space with high ceilings and large windows on the corner of Eteläesplanadi and Korkeavuorenkatu is the splendid setting for Bronda, Tomi Björck´s and Matti Wikberg’s fifth restaurant. Bronda was named after the K. M. Brondin bakery and café which operated in the same location during the 1900s. The restaurant serves modern brasserie food inspired by the flavors of the major European countries around the Mediterranean Sea, particularly France, Spain and Italy.

“Tasting the various styles of effervescent wines from all over Italy was very interesting, especially combined with a lunch. That gave a good idea of how well the wines work with food. Prosecco for me is no longer just an aperitif!”

Jouni Olkkonen

Head Sommelier

BW Restaurants


From Friuli to Puglia, discover the diversity of Italian Sparkling Wines


Jouni Olkkonen
Head Sommelier – BW Restaurants

Noora Bouix 
 Sommelier –  Savoy

Antti Uusitalo
 Sommelier – Savoy

Birthe Latinen

 Assistant Restaurant Manager – Savoy

Jenni Malmberg
 Sommelier  – Pinella

Timo Jokinen
Wine Writer consultant – Viinitimo

Veli-Antti Koivuranta
Blogger, Wine educator – Viiniministeri

Laura Koskenkari
Sommelier – Muru

Edmund Liew
Head Sommelier – Bistro Sinne

Elina Valoranta
Sommelier – Toca

Timo Savolainen
Sommelier – South Park


“This lunch was a great experience and proved that sparkling wines are not only sui- table as an aperitif. Jouni from Bronda and the chefs did a great job with the food and wine combinations. I’m proud to be one of Zonin’s ambassadors in Finland!”

Antti Uusitalo







Nestled in Vienna’s most beautiful park, Steirereck is a house that dreams are made of, elegant and sleek, bright and sparkling, a shrine to taste in all its forms. To ensure that the products are of the highest quality, Heinz Reitbauer, the chef, takes them from his own farm. In the harmonious modern restaurant, the charming Birgit Reitbauer supervises an excellent service and lavishes every attention on her guests.


“Thanks for the exciting wines to our specialties. Today we discovered some new indigenous sparkling wine rarities, especially of Oltrepò Pavese. It was a very delicious pairing!”

René Antrag
Head Sommelier

Italy’s effervescent delights

From Friuli to Puglia, discover the diversity of Italian Sparkling Wines


Rene Antrag
Head Sommelier – Steirereck

Franz Del Fabro
Owner – Del Fabro

Alfred Leyrer
Head Sommelier – Kuchlmasterei

Jürgen Gruber Kalteis
Head Sommelier – Park Hyatt

Josef Schuster
Sales Manager – Del Fabro

Marcel Ribis
Head Sommelier – Edvard

Simon Schubert
Head Sommelier – Mraz

Johannes Mayer
Head Sommelier – Sacher

Walter Bauer
Owner – Walter Bauer

“The opportunity to enjoy the culinary delights of “Steirereck” combined with those excellent sparkling wines from different Italian regions in the group of the Viennese Sommeliers, was a great pleasure.”

Simon Schubert
Head Sommelier
Mraz und Sohn




The new Cornelia Poletto restaurant is based on the idea of the traditional Italian gastronomia, a deli with tables where customers can dine. The focus is on Mediterranean Italian cuisine. The tasty menu changes daily, and the food is prepared by Cornelia Poletto, whose personal credo is: “Really good food can only come from really good products.” Everything you taste, you can buy to take home. Or if you do not want to cook yourself, then just stay and be pampered with the best pasta, fish or chicken dishes in town.


“It was a great pleasure to participate in such a wonderful event. It was an awesome opportunity to maintain a network with some of the most exclusive international sommeliers.”


Claudia Poletto

Italy’s effervescent delights

From Friuli to Puglia, discover the diversity of Italian Sparkling Wines


Ivo Ebert
Head Sommelier – Reinstoff

Carsten Laade
Owner and Head Sommelier – Die Weinbuehne

Matthias Fahrig
Freelance Journalist

Carine Patricio
Sommelier MS Student – Au Quai

Henning V. D. Haar
Sommelier- Hotel Kokenhof

Frank Klemm
Head Sommelier – 12 Apostel

Michele Matassa
Head Sommelier – Die Bank

Daniel Von Mejer
Sommelier – Getraenke Ahlers

Jan-Patrick Reiss
Sales Manager – Getraenke Ahlers

Juergen Giesel
Best German Sommelier 2007 & 2008

Madeleine Jendryssek
Buyer – Hawesko

Beverly Ann Thoma
Owner – Calistoga Family Wines

Jochen von Goebler
Owner – eWine

“A genial and exciting evening. An example of pleasure and honest communication among experts.”

Ivo Ebert
Head Sommelier




NEH is Pad̈ aste Manor’s seasonal kitchen in the city: a bistro-style foodie heaven that invites guests to meet Estonia’s finest culinary team, whose true home is at Pad̈ aste Manor on Muhu Island. This city sanctuary likewise pays respect to the cuisine of the Nordic Islands, with authenticity produce and seasonal flavors of the season. NEH is a informal, good-value haven for foodies.


“The Italian sparkling wines offered me a singular experience of outstanding food and wine pairing. Food highlights were cured duck with Bonarda and honeycake with Brachetto.”


Miika Õunaid
NEH & Alexander

Italy’s effervescent delights

From Friuli to Puglia, discover the diversity of Italian Sparkling Wines


Miika Ounaid
Sommelier – NEH & Alexander

Ebe Ingeroinen
Restaurant Manager – NEH

Rain Tunger
Owner – Pegasus & Rataskaevu 16

Rein Kark
Owner – Lusikas & Dominic

Aron Rahu
Sommelier – Dominic

Kaul Jõul
Sommelier – NOA

Laur Ihermann
Shift Chief – NOA

Terje Lindau
Owner – Ruhe

Kristina Orekhova
Sommelier – WineWay

Mihhail Laurand
Restaurant Manager – Enzo Cafe

Ants Juhani
Owner – GMP Clubhotel & Pu haja rve

Teet Unger
Manager – Cafe Truffe

Meelis Vili
Restaurant Manager – Hermitage

“It was great to see what amazing combinations you can figure
out when chefs and sommerliers really cooperate.”

Kaul Jõul
Head Sommelier