Il Borro Tuscan Bistro Dubai translates the history, innate hospitality and biodynamic approach for a new Middle Eastern audience. Central to the Il Borro story is the Italian food offering, led by the brand’s Executive Chef Andrea Campani, working closely with resident Executive Chef Maurizio Bosetti to bring the authentic Tuscan style of cooking to the United Arab Emirates.

“This Sommeliers’ Themed Lunch organized by Zonin was a great learning and educational time spent with fellow professionals around a very convivial table, with the honor of having winemaker Alessandro Gallo tell us all about his wines.”

Piero Giglio
General Manager
Il Borro


Confronti e diversità di due terre Toscane


Piero Giglio

General Manager – Il Borro

Sacha Daniel

Operations Director – Solutions Leisure

Dimitar Dimitrov

Head Sommelier – Burj Al Arab

Meja De Klerk

Head Sommelier – Karma Kafe/ The Atlantic

Luca Gagliardi

Founder – Tasted and Rated

Mircea Anca

Sommelier – Burj Al Arab

Meril Gladson

Sommelier – Catch

Tara Jabbour

Head Sommelier – Renaissance Hotel

Azedine Dhaheri

Head Sommelier – W Hotel

Armand Smuts

Head Sommelier – La Serre

Bala Salian

Sommelier – Il Borro

Jeremy Carru

Head Sommelier – LPM

The organization was second to none, the wine selection was awesome and the pairing with food was perfect. I love this STL!

Sacha Daniel
Operations Director
Solutions Leisure




With the West Sea close by, the restaurant’s desire is to offer something more than just a meal, to blur the boundaries between kitchen and guest, and focus on a love of food and fresh ingredients. Its philosophy is to follow nature’s shifts, get the best out of produce and playfully refine it. Swedish Taste in Gothenburg is today a house of flavors where a joyful passion for food and drink flourishes.

“This lunch confirmed that a good wine doesn’t need to be expensive: Sassabruna 2014 was a great example. It has everything one expects from a Super Tuscan: ripe red fruits, fine and intense wood with a hint of smoke, pepper and cloves; round and pleasant; fresh with a long spicy finish.”

Victor Fuentes
Head Sommelier
Swedish Taste


Confronti e diversità di due terre Toscane


Victor Fuentes Quezada

Head Sommelier – Swedish Taste

Victor Dahlberg

Owner and Sommelier – BBB

Christer Cederbom

Sommelier and Manager – BBB

Gustav Cansund

Sommelier – Upper house Dininig

Jesper Olsson

Sommelier – Kock & Vingruppen

Axel Schiller

Sommelier & Owner – Vingalleri/Hamnskjulet/Liquid Brands

Nils Lilie

Sommelier & Owner – Vinhjälpen/Lilla Spinneriet

Fredrik Hjalmarsson

Head Sommelier and Manager – Br. Olssons Elektriska

Oscar Carlson

Sommelier and Manager – The Barn

Erik Jonsson

Sommelier and Winemaker – Värdens Vin

Christian Bävemark

Sommelier and Owner – Värdens Vin

Fredrik Hjelm

Sales – Pernod Ricard Sverige

Krister Sandberg

Sales – Pernod Ricard Sverige

This lunch was a delightful journey through some of the most interesting areas of Tuscany in a relaxed and educational environment. By trying all the wines blind we were able to fully explore our perception of them and of the terroirs of Tuscany.

Victor Dahlberg
Owner and Sommelier




The renowed Hotel Kämp’s Brasserie is situated in one of Helsinki’s prime locations and has been one of the best-loved places for years among those who share a love for tastefully crafted delicacies, served in an intricately designed and sophisticated venue. The Kämp Brasserie has been serving delicious food for more than 100 years with the same dedication for quality service. The executive chef Juuse Mikkonen has recreated a stylish menu of classics with a twist, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea or brunch.

“The concept of the Zonin lunch was both interesting and fun. Blind tasting got even the sometimes shy Finns to open up and discuss the wines and pairing them with the dishes. The atmosphere of the event was relaxed, but
I´m sure the attendants left Hotel Kämp with loads of new information and ideas!”

Maija Ijäs

Guest Service Manager

Hotel Kämp


Confronti e diversità di due terre Toscane


Paul Hickmann
F&B director – Grotesk

Heikki Remes
Wine weiter, blogger – Viinimies Oy

Janne Suomi
editor in chief – Reseptitaivas

Susanna Julku
Wine educator PRF

Markku Niemi
Sommelier – Muru

Teemu Huutanen
Sommelier – Olo

Jussi Laakso
Operation and Marketing Deirector – SSP Finland

Jenny Marjakangas
Assistant Restaurant Manager – Grotesk

Maija Ljäs
Guest Service Manager – Hotel Kämp

“Excellent wines, interesting discussions with the man behind them, and a venue of really classic atmosphere.

For me it was eye-opening to see and learn the main differences between Maremma and Chianti region and noticing how similar grapes can give such different wines.”

Markku Niemi
Head Sommelier,  Muru




A unique location in Belgium on Chanteleau Island in Wanze, not far from Huy, this restaurant is a perfect copy of actor Jean Marais’ house. Jean -Luc Lambotte offers a cuisine respectful of the ingredients, always seeking to surprise with flavors from around the world.

“A splendid day among trade professionals: great to discover a magnificent company with amazingly high-quality wines, presented by real lovers of wine and of their profession. Thanks to all the team and especially to Lorenzo for this Sommeliers’ Themed Lunch.”

Jean-Luc Lambotte
La Gastronomie du Mayeur

The twin souls of Tuscany

The tradition of Chianti Classico VS the innovation of the Maremma


Jean-Luc Lambotte
Owner – La Gastronomie du Mayeur

Bram Moens
Sommelier – Spaans Dak

Bernard Hiermaux
Owner – Skysup

Philippe Limbourg
Managing editor – GaultMillau Benelux

Dirk Rodriguez
Editor in chief – Vino Magazine

Yannick Michel
Head Sommelier – L’Essentiel

Catherine Jarbinet
Sommelier – Au Coq au Champs

Claude Cousin
Restaurant Manager – Au Coq au Champs

Pierre Thirifays
Head Sommelier – Arabelle Meirlaen

Jifi Skocek
Head Sommelier – Terra Terrae

Rudy Schurmans
Head Sommelier – Aan tafel bij Luc Bellings

” An enriching experience, with Lorenzo providing an important point of human contact ”

” A nice day in the company of Zonin’s wines, together with a very professional group ”

Pierre Thirifays

Directeur and Head Sommelier

Arabelle Meirlaen




This intimate restaurant, founded in 2008 in the old town of Stockholm, serves just 23 guests an evening in the open kitchen. Re ned, creative cooking employs some well-mastered, inventive techniques and shows respect for traditional Swedish preservation methods and nest seasonal produce. In 2009 the restaurant gained its first Michelin star and the next year was awarded with Two Stars Michelin. Frantzén has been recognized several times as the best restaurant in Sweden and in 2013 was ranked 12th in the The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.


“Swedish cuisine, with its re ned avours and delicate texture are in a beautiful symbiosis with the ne and well structure wines from these Tuscan estates.”


Fredrik Horn
Head Sommelier

Fifty shades of Tuscany

Comparing and contrasting two outstanding terroirs of Tuscany


Fredrik Horn
Head Sommelier – Frantzén

Jon Bergqvist
Sommelier – Frantzén

Frida Hansson
Sommelier – Eriks Gondolen

Jannie Berndt
Sommelier – Gaston Vinbar

Robert Andersson
Sommelier – Hornstulls Bodega

Sofia Castenson
Sommelier – Gaston Vinbar

Kent Johansson
Sommelier, Wine & Food Writer – GastroVin

Anders Enquist
Editor in Chief – Livets Goda

Stina Parnell
Sommelier – Riche/Teatergrillen

Daniel Agerberg
Sommelier – Riche/Teatergrillen

Mercedes Bachelet
General Manager / Sommelier – Adam & Albin Matstudio

Erik Dahlstrom
Art Director – Livets Goda

“The wines from the Zonin family show a big potential for matching with top cuisine.”

Anders Enquist
Editor in Chief Livets
Goda Magazine




Statholdergaarden is Bent Stiansen’s gourmet restaurant. In 1993, Bent Stiansen became the world master of the culinary contest, Bocuse d’Or. He and his team have developed Statholdergaarden into one of Oslo’s and Norway’s best restaurants. In 1998, Statholdergaarden won a Michelin Star, which we are very proud of. Every day, we work to maintain and improve the reputation that we have achieved to ensure the complete satisfaction of our guests and staff.


“The lunch showed the very best of Tuscany. The food and wine combination was exciting, with the most successful being Vin Santo from Castello di Albola with the Milk Chocolate dessert.”

Daniel Johnsen Ness
Head Sommelier

Fifty shades of Tuscany

Comparing and contrasting two outstanding terroirs of Tuscany


Daniel Johnsen Ness
Head Sommelier – Statholdergaarden

Helle Hasting
Sommelier – Statholdergaarden

Åsa Lindblom
Sommelier – Champagneria Frogner

Tina Argiroudaki
Sommelier and CEO – Champagneria Bodega

Jenny Bjorklund
Restaurant Chef and Sommelier -Sjømagasinet/Fursetgruppen

Konstantin Zimmermann
General Manager – Ekeberg/Fursetgruppen

Simon Nyhus
Head sommelier – Verite

Anne Katrine Paulsen
Journalist, photograph and editor – Gastronomade

Peter Brorson
Wine Sommelier – Ekeberg/Fursetgruppen

Markus Hammarsten
Headwaiter & Sommelier – Sjømagasinet/Fursetgruppen

Liora Levi
Sommelier –

“Taking part to the Sommeliers’ Themed Lunch broadens sommeliers mind to new wines, regions and exciting food pairings.”

Liora Levi