Spiaggia sets the standard for Italian dining in Chicago. With Chef-Partner Tony Mantuano at the helm, and Executive Chef Joe Flamm leading the culinary vision, Spiaggia offers guests an unrivaled experience that honors the heritage of Italy. Inspired by Mantuano and Flamm’s journey through Italy, it begins with the country’s finest ingredients. Spiaggia is a recipient of the “Best of Award of Excellence” from Wine Spectator and is consistently named one of “America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants” by Wine Enthusiast.

“I really liked this format, we had a good interaction with each other and I have learned a lot of the blind tasting. My favorite wine was the Acciaiolo 2012: a very well balanced wine that went very well with the main course.”

Tadd Tanji
Spiaggia Restaurant


The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Tadd Tanji

Sommelier – Spiaggia

Rachel Speckan

National Wine Director – City Winery

Linda Adams

Sommelier – Park Ridge Country Club

Jhea Fulgaro

Sommelier – City Winery

Alexandria Sarovich

Sommelier – The Florentine

Carlos Diaz

Sommelier – Acadia

Dustin Chabert

Beverage Director – Momotaro

Jeannie Boutelle

Writer – Edible Chicago

Emma Janzen

Writer – Imbibe Magazine

Mary Ross

Wine Columnist – Daily Herald

Sandra Ban

Buyer – City Winery

Diego Bermudez

Sommelier – Mastro’s

Thank you, as always, for the exciting, informative & delicious Sommeliers’ Lunch. I appreciate the depth of knowledge offered, the opportunity to interact with fellow wine professionals & the just-plain enjoyment of these luncheons. I appreciate being included!

Mary Ross
Wine Columnist
Daily Herald




The Format Restaurant’s ambition is to create a space, a menu and a wine list that can adapt to whatever the client requires. When considering what ingredients to use, the most crucial factor is that they are of the highest quality and produced with respect for the environment. The staff wants the food to express all that they know and where they have been.

“The Sommeliers’ Themed Lunch shows that high-quality wine combined with local cuisine makes people smile all over the world.”

Morten Andersen


The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Morten Andersen

Owner – Format

Michael Faurholt

Owner – Krogs Fiskerestaurant

Henrik Junker

Owner – Paustian

Tim Faber

Owner – Just a Wine Bar

Felix Chahorro

Sommelier – Brace

Fabio Minto

Sous Chef – Brace

Zonin showed again why we do the work we do. The brands, the diversity and high quality of even old wines made this a lunch to remember.

Michael Faurholt
Krogs Fiskerestaurant




The term “Tantris” is derived from Indian Buddhist culture and symbolizes the search for perfection. And a visit to Tantris should be the epitome of perfection: from the seventies-era architecture to the Michelin two-starred cuisine right through to the international selection of wines and the friendly, professional service.

“The STL presented by Zonin finally bring Sommeliers back to their natural habitats, allowing for spirited exchange, new ideas, and the chance to experience both Zonin wines, and surprising contrasts served blind, in the most natural context possible. In short, the way it was meant to be.”

Justin Leone
Head Sommelier


The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Justin Leone

Head Sommelier – Tantris

Kristjan Krolo

Director – Balis

Michele Fiordoliva

Bar Chef – Negroni

Susanne Grill

Event Planner – Sparkling Munich

Iiro Lutter

Sommelier – Geisels Werneckhof

Sergio Artiaco

Owner – Hippocampus

Marco Brussolo

Sommelier and Buyer – Marco Brussolo Wein Import-Export

Elena Martinelli

Owner – Ristorante Martinelli

It was the first time I have taken part in such a unique event, and with so elite a group: the location was magnificent, the food amazing and the wine selection just perfect! Thank you so very much!

Elena Martinelli
Ristorante Martinelli




Dine’s menu does not represent a single cuisine or culinary school: here you can find elements of French, Japanese and Italian cuisines, skillfully re-elaborated thanks to the imagination of E. Lapinskas and chef Ž. Laurinenas. Dine also has one of the best wine lists in Lithuania: its international scope and the older vintages on offer will satisfy even the most discriminating customer.

“This unique event was an unforgettable experience and an outstanding evening, with many beautiful wines produced with love and passion. That Albola Acciaiolo is still in my mind: such a rich, aromatic and complex wine, a pure treat to the soul. Salute!.”

Arminas Darasevicius
Head Sommelier


The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Arminas Darasevicius

Head sommelier – Dine

Martynas Pravilonis

Head Sommelier – Kempinski Hotel

Narimantas Miežys

Head Sommelier – SOMM

Jolanta Smiciene

Co-Owner – Kempinski Hotel

Jurate Sprindžiunaite

Opinion maker, journalist – Skonis.lt

Redas Norkeliunas

Head Sommelier – Imperial

Ernestas Riešuta

Manager – IDW Esperanza

Tomas Oicenka

Waiter – Dublis

Linas Kuklierius

Sommelier – Bubbles Champagneria

Andrej Anisko

Head Waiter – SOMM

Kristupas Krivickas

Owner – In Vino

Every STL is a journey of discovery into the rich world of wine, where you check the sensitivity of your taste and add to your sensory library. Castello di Albola’s Vin Santo was the true star, a wine to sip and meditate with for a while.

Jurate Sprindziunaite




Since Vincents was founded in 1994, it has become one of the premier gourmet establishments in Eastern Europe. The restaurant offers menus that can be specially designed for any occasion. It maintains a close relationship with many of Latvia’s small-scale organic farmers, from whom it purchases its ingredients directly whenever possible, so the menu changes according to the seasons.

“Tasting wines blind from Tuscany and Bordeaux convinced me once again how surprisingly similar these regions can be. Fine Bordeaux blends from Tuscany show equally generous structure and purity of fruit, with intense but very refined silky tannins and lively, refreshing acidity.”

Raimonds Tomsons
Head Sommelier


The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Raimonds Tomsons

Head Sommelier – Vincents

Ivo Orlovs

Head Sommelier – Biblioteka Nr.1.

Reinis Sniedze

Head Sommelier – Kolonade

Agnese Meiersone

Head Sommelier – Ferma

Ivars Kalninš

Head Sommelier – Riviera

Anastasija Vinogradova

Head Sommelier – Easy Wine

Krists Freijs

Sommelier – 3 Pavari

Uldis Bruders

Sommelier – 3

Arturs Zinovjevs

Head Sommelier – Giardino

A truly memorable and educational evening with well-paired food and wines, as well as great professionals who gave their all about wine! The food was absolutely wonderful and the service was excellent. Thank you, Zonin, I’m still enjoying the aftertaste!

Reinis Sniedze
Head Sommelier




“Rough fine dining” is the experience you can expect at Tango, with a high quality menu based on seasonal local produce. The Chefs are “food geeks”, seeking perfection in everything they do yet keeping it casual, so you will be served a meal that is both visually exciting and tasty. You don’t know what’s on the menu every day: just trust Tango’s professionals to give you the very best, on your plate and in your glass.

“It was a really nice challenge for the chefs to make food to pair with the wines that were presented. It was also a pleasant way to meet our fellow colleagues from the restaurant business in Stavanger. We’ll be more than happy to be hosts another time as well!

Tommy Oppedal Raanti
Managing Director


The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Tommy Oppedal Raanti

Managing Director – Tango

Paal Stolt-Pettersen Larsen

Sommelier – Tango

Alexander Geiro

Restaurant Manager – Utstein Kloster

Heidi Friheim

General Manager – Bevaremegvel

Christoffer Ingebretsen

Restaurant Manager – Spiseriet

Emil Heimdal

Sommelier – Spiseriet

Dimitar Dimitri

Restaurant Manager – Hall Toll

Marie Therese Myrruster

Sommelier – Bevaremegvel Bar & Restaurant

This lunch took me back to my early days as a sommelier, when my friends and I were always tasting blind, pairing food and guessing grapes and origin. It was great to hear my colleagues’ thoughts on the different wines. Your wines really performed well!

Magnus Lindstrøm
Restaurant and Wine Manager
NB Sørensen Dampskipsexpedisjon




Gustav in Frankfurt’s Westend district offers a new, subtle form of avant-garde: shapes and colors inspired by Bauhaus; unconventional works by young Frankfurt artists; an atmosphere that combines relaxation with intense concentration; and cuisine that dispenses with flashy effects and instead embraces precise craftsmanship, finely harmonized nuances and meticulous attention to detail.

“It was really interesting and fun to work on the right pairings between my food and the wines for this lunch: you can always learn something new!”

Milica Trajkovska


The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Milica Trajkovska

Owner – Gustav

Mario Tandara

Head Sommelier – Meyers Feinkost

Andreas Stolze

Head Sommelier and Buyer – Wirtshaus zum Neckartal

Richard Damian

Hotel Director and Sommelier – Hockenheimring Motodrom

Andre Grunert

Head Sommelier – Ivory Club

David Wagner

Head Sommelier – Blaues Wasser

Jiannis Litrivis

F&B Director – Marriott

Heiko Stumpfe

Head Sommelier – VaiVai

Jens Holzkämper

Sommelier – Krämer

Ulrich Hintzen

Wine Buyer – Krämer Getränke

Thank you for a very interesting and educative lunch, shared with great company. It was a surprising experience, tasting iconic labels and comparing our opinions about such amazing food!

Mario Tandara
Head Sommelier
Meyers Feinkost




Pino surprises and refreshes your palate with “Cucina Naturale”, a classical style of cooking that emphasizes the use of only the freshest of ingredients. He believes in balance in all of his dishes, and in bringing out the natural taste of the produce. Cioppino’s boasts one of the largest wine cellars in Vancouver, with thousands of bottles available and many well-chosen labels available by the glass.

“I felt that Zonin family’s wines were a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. It’s not granted but somehow difficult.”

Pino Posteraro

Chef and Proprietor



The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Daniel Chandra
GM – Vij’s Rangoli Kitchen

Justin Everett
Sommelier – Wildebeest

Kieran Fanning
Sommelier – Chambar

Kyle Gartlan-Close
Sommelier – Le Crocodile

Antoine Gregoire
Sommelier – Fairmont Vancouver International Airport

Lisa Haley
Wine Director – L’Abattoir

Bryant Mao
Wine Director – Hawksworth

Mark McNeil
Sommelier – Savio Volpe

Sean Nelson
Sommelier – Vij’s Indian Cuisine

Chris Royal
Wine Buyer – Nook / Tavola group

Dustin Wellwood
Sommelier – Hawksworth

Pino Posteraro
Chef – Cioppino’s


“This year’s theme provided a chance to evaluate Italian wines next to their international counterparts and to witness the wines’ ability for accompanying meticulously paired dishes. Once again the STL has proven to be one of the highlights of the year.”
Kieran Fanning





Local seasonal foods and avors are the culinary focus at Rouge, located in Calgary’s historic Cross House. Rouge boasts a working, sustainably-farmed garden, as well as offering – with its huge trees and native perennials – the atmosphere of a secluded retreat, making this one of Alberta’s most sought-after wedding venues.
The award-winning wine cellar is a splendid complement to the local fare.

“An amazing success: as we succeeded in hosting the event in our garden, with warm sunshine on our faces, we all remarked on how beautiful a day it was for a battle!
Kudos to the winemakers from each property; our minds were all opened that day”.

Mike Burns

General Manager



The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Juri Brattšik

Head Sommelier – Tchaikovsky

Heiko Hiller

Head Sommelier – Musu

Kaul Jõul

Sommelier – NOA

Natalja Kudinova

Sommelier – Art Priori

Ketri Leis

Sommelier Leib – Resto & Aed

Priit Parts Head

Sommelier – MEKK

Oskar Pihlik

Sommelier Leib – Resto & Aed

Orm Puks Head

Sommelier – Art Priori

Mari-Liis Tohver

Sommelier – Fabrik

“What a superb tasting we had! It’s the best thing I’ve been to in some time: wines were lovely, food was great, eating outside was a bonus, and Francesco is a fantastic ambassador for Italian wines.”
Ted Clouthier
General Manager

Calgary Petroleum Club



Québec City

One of the best restaurants in Québec City, Panache is an award-winning establishment nestled within the stone walls and exposed wooden beams of a maritime warehouse dating back to 1822. With a dining room offering exceptional intimacy, along with stunning views of the St. Lawrence River, Panache is a destination popular with both locals and visitors to Québec City.

“The Zonins were not taking a gamble, they knew what they were doing: their wines are in the same league as the very best.

Yann Barrette-Bouchard




The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Yann Bouchard
Sommelier – Le Panache

Nicola Cortina
Owner – Ristorante Michelangelo

Marc Drouin
Sommelier – Toast

Etienne Genest
Chef de Rang – Laurie Raphaël

Martin  Gosselin
Director – La Fenouillière

Christophe Mertz
Sommelier – Restaurant Le Ciel

Benoit Tmutier
Sommelier – Le Panache

Martin Trudel
Manager – Buyer – Cosmos Group

“The best feature of this event was seeing the possibilities and fine quality offered by Italian wines, pitting them against some challenging choices from France.
It was great to meet young sommeliers with a strong passion and profound knowledge of wines.”
Martin Gosselin


La Fenouillère




Xo Le Restaurant displays all the charms of an establishment characterized by re nement and utmost elegance: a destination of choice for Montréalers, tourists and business people alike. The wine list reserves treasures selected by Hotel Le St-James’ sommeliers in the nest cellars of the world. The charms of the premises transform every meal into an unforgettable experience.

“Blind tasting is always a very humbling experience. I really liked comparing the wines from the Zonin family’s various estates with those from France’s prestigious domaines.”

Martin Lefebvre

David and Goliath

The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challange


Felix Desmarteaux

Night Manager – 357C


Gagnon Sommelier – 357C

Victor Batista

Owner – Doca

Mathieu St-Onge

Sommelier – La Queue de Cheval

Louis-Jacques Bleau

Sommelier – Les Cavistes

Robert Herrera

Director – Les Cavistes

Luc Belisle

Owner Pub Quartier Latin

Martin Lefebvre

sommelier XO

“The David vs Goliath STL was truly entertaining, but also very informative. The Italian wines were all showing beautifully next to the very challenging French selection. Of course, my heart goes to the latter. The food and wine pairing was also very well done.”

Victor Batista





The culinary cornerstone in the heart of Whistler Village, Araxi enjoys a long-held international reputation for excellence in food, wine and hospitality.

As an early pioneer of farm to table dining, Executive Chef James Walt’s seasonally focused menus celebrate the excellence of locally sourced ingredients. Walt’s innovative and skillfully executed dishes – from savory starters through delicious desserts – deliver intelligent compositions and unforgettable flavors.

“What a wonderful opportunity to bring our Sommelier community together and share a unique experience with Francesco and each other. Having the chance to do blind, comparative tasting over a lovely meal created fantastic dialogue and lifelong memories of a great food and wine experience.

Samantha Rahn

Wine Director



The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Samantha Rahn
Head Sommelier – Araxi Restaurant

Darin Newton
Asst. Sommelier – Araxi Restaurant

Claudie Simmard
Head Sommelier – Hy’s Steakhouse Whistler

Daniel Liddy
Head Sommelier/Wine educator – Four Seasons Hotel Whistler

Albert Kirby
Director of Banquests – Four Seasons Hotel Whistler

Daniel Robitaille
Assistant Sommelier – Bearfoot Bistro

Michael Kompass
Sommelier/Buyer/Media – Blackcomb Liquor Store/Pique Whistler Magazine

Diana Claxton
Sommelier – BLVD Restaurant Vancouver


“Truly one of the most sophisticated events I have attended this year. Your team created a memorable program to be proud of, and teaming up with Araxi was brilliant”
Daniel Liddy

Wine Director

Four Seasons Resort Whistlers




NOA is a seaside restaurant on the border of Tallinn and Viimsi seating 80 people. The NOA dining room has been built on three different levels allowing every guest to marvel at the stunning view of the Old Town silhouette across the bay. When putting together the menu, we haven’t committed ourselves to any speci c ingredients, countries or locations, but rather focused on creating an equal experience to all vege, seafood and meat lovers.

“An unexpected, unique and also fun experience. The biggest surprise, and my favorite of the evening, was the Acciaiolo from Chianti Classico, which proved once again that Italian wines do indeed have great potential.”

Martti Siimann




The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Martti Siimann
Owner – NOA Restaurant

Mattias Põld
Sommelier – NOA Restaurant

Kaul Jõul
Sommelier – NOA Restaurant

Raimo Huberg
Restaurant Manager – Tuljak restaurant

Ketri Leis
Sommelier – Leib Resto & Aed

Imre Uussaar
Head Sommelier – Dominic restaurant

Kristjan Markii
Wine Consultant – Markii Koolitused Oü

Jüri Vital 
Head Sommelier – Horisont Restaurant

Juri Brattšik
Head Sommelier – Tchaikovsky Restaurant

Tarvo Sarapuu
Head Sommelier – Trühvel restaurant

Natalja Kudinova
Sommelier – Art Priori Restaurant

Mibbail Laurand
Restaurant Manager – Enzo Restaurant

Alena Oja
Restaurant Manager – Truffe Restaurant

Ketlin Pekko
Chef de Cuisine – Antonius Restaurant

Verni Loodmaa
Director – Polpo Restaurant


“Events like this are always informative and beneficial. They broaden your taste and knowledge base by experimenting with different combinations. Italian wines can successfully compete with world- famous French wines and even offer better experiences.”
Kristjan Markii
Wine Director

Markii Koolitused OÜ


Thörnströms KÖK


At Thörnströms Kök, the art of cuisine is in constant development. Inspiration is endless and the creative staff ensures that the delights of the table reach great heights. The establishment is owned by Anne and Hakan Thörnström, who runs the restaurant together with executive chef Manuel Bartrina, restaurant manager Peter Halldén and Anette Åsell.

“It was an amazing experience to taste the wines from Italy and France together blind. The best combination and the wine that transformed the dish most of all was the Aquilis together with the pickled mackerel.”

Peter Hallden

Head Sommelier

Thörnströms Kok


Confronti e diversità di due terre Toscane


Peter Hallden

Head Sommelier – Thorn Stroms Kok

Rolf Olofsson

Owner – Barrique Winebar

Katarina Alvin

Journalist – Frilans

Daniel Gremlin

Owner – Somm

Niclas Robertsson

Owner – Pio CC

Andreas Hiller

Sommelier – Gothia Towers

Fredrik Hjalmarsson

Restaurant Manager – Br Olssons Elektriska

Johan Stigsson

Restaurant Manager – Magnus & Magnus

“Rocca di Montemassi 2012 always satisfies my palate: smooth, with character, intense, fresh fruit in perfect balance, spicy notes and a long finish. It left a smile on my face. “

Katarina Alwin Nyström

Freelance Journalist




The splendid setting of the Hotel Villa Principe Leopoldo in Lugano offers creative, well thought-out dishes paired with exciting beverages, maximizing and allowing for the perfect taste experience.

Gustav Trägårdh, Sweden’s Chef of the year for 2010, presents both classic and innovative dishes, primarily based on fish and shellfish.

“A great wine and food experience. Noteworthy was Rocca di Montemassi 2012: total harmony, velvety structure, finesse and elegance at the service of an excellent young roast of venison. A long life ahead of it.”

Gabriele Speziale

Head Sommelier

Principe Leopoldo


The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge


Gabriele Speziale

Head Sommelier – Principe Leopoldo

Simone Ragusa

Sommelier – Hotel lido seegarten

Piero Tenca

Presidente Nazionale ASSP

Emilio del Fante

Sommelier – Hotel Villa Castagnola

Demetrio Lotartaro

Sommelier – Gallo D’Oro

Dario Piccinelli

Sommelier – Locanda Orico

Daniele Quarteri

Restaurant Manager – Seven The Restaurant

Rodolfo Introzzi

Sommelier – Il Bottegone del vino

Simon Gustafsson

Head Sommelier – The Chedi Andermatt

Giuseppe Guida

Bar manager – The Chedi Andermatt

“A pleasant, intriguing sensorial journey through different terroirs and wines, each one of them with its own style and soul. Special thanks to Zonin1821 for the emotions they gave us and to Eduardo Caballero and Stefano Ferrante for their professionalism.”
Pietro Tenca

National President

Association Suisse des Sommeliers Professional.




AT.MOSPHERE is one of the world’s nest luxury dining and lounge experiences. Holder of the Guinness World Record for the Highest Restaurant located on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khlalifa (441.3 meters high), the World’s tallest Tower. Offering a unique dining concept overlooking Downtown Dubai and the world’s tallest performing fountains. At.mosphere promises you an experience like no other.


“It was a great pleasure to host such a wonderful and exciting event. A gathering of high standard sommeliers sharing the same passion for food and wine made it a fantastic and great experience. Incredibly amazing!”


Jakob Yamac
Director of F&B Operations

David and Goliath

The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challange


Jakob Yamac
Director of F&B Operations – At.mospherey

Juan Van Huysteen
Beverage Manager – Jas Hospitality

Olivier Gasselin
Group Sommelier – Hakkasan

Sacha Daniel
Operation Director – Solution Leisure

Garth Beer
Garth Beer

Luca Gagliardi
Outlet Manager – R Trader

Agathe Plantade
Head Sommelier – Coya

Catherine Watkins
Sommelier – Catch

Michal Novak
Head Sommelier – Waldorf Astoria RAK

Paul Mathon
Sommelier – Tre by Roberto Rella

Paolo Pivato
Head Sommelier – Palazzo Versace Dubai

Faizal Farook
Sommelier – The Cut

Sandrella Hayek
General Sommelier – La Serre

Madan Periyasamy
Sommelier – Radisson Media City

Bahaa Hariri
Assistant Beverage Manager – Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Blessing Gwacela
Sommelier – Cocktail Kitchen

Abhishek Sen
Sommelier – Burj al Arab

“It was a great and unique experience. Accaiolo as well as Rocca di Montremassi are amazing wines, but my favourite was the 2011 Symposio: an aristocratic Bordeaux blend from Sicily.”

Paolo Pivato
Head Sommelier
Palazzo Versace Dubai




The Sommet restaurant in the exclusive, luxury, discrete and cosmopolitan Swiss resort, Alpina Gstaad, is one Michelin star and 18/20 Gault Millau. The unique tasting menu compiled by the chef Marcus G. Lindner is a real tribute to exceptional produce and will delight the most distinguished of palates. The restaurant also offers a superb selection of wines, including over 400 rare vintage bottles from across the world, hand-picked by our head sommelier Pierfranco Lavra.


“What a great way to promote Italian wines: comparing, tasting blind and enjoying it with food is the real way to judge the true quality of a wine. Once more the Zonin family showed what great terroirs we have in Italy, and what they are capable of.”


Pierfranco Lavra
Head Sommelier
Alpina Gstaad

David and Goliath

The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challange


Pierfranco Lavra
Head Sommelier – Alpina Gstadd

Pedro Ferreira
Maître d’hôtel – Grand Chalet

Federica Brino
Sommelier – Palace Gstaad

Christoph Schmid
Sales Manager – Pernet

Markus Schneider
CEO – Pernet

Luca Padovani
Sommelier – Alpina Gstadd

“Just as Dionysus offered wines during moments of conviviality to accompany discussions and great food, so the Sommeliers’ Themed Lunch was a modern-day Symposium where the amazing, aptly-named Symposio from Sicily, was simply surprising.”

Federica Brino
Palace Gstaad




The Sir Kwinten wine restaurant is located in Lennik, near Brussels. Its classical cuisine with a modern twist, is based on seasonal ingredients. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed. Guests are welcome to have a quick lunch with a glass of wine, or they can celebrate with a 5-course menu. The wine list is focused on European wines. At Sir Kwinten, food and wine pairings are extremely important and a different wine is usually suggested for each dish.


“It was a pleasure to host such an interesting event where both, the wines from the Zonin family estates and a selection of french wines showed really well in a blind tasting.”


Yanick Dehandschutter
Head Sommelier
Sir Kwinten

David and Goliath

The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challange


Yanick Dehandschutter
Head Sommelier – Sir Kwinten

Gregory Van Acker
Head Sommelier – De Jonckman

Eric Boschman
Wine Writer

Kristof Uyttendaele
Sommelier – Spaans Dak

Natalie Dillaerts
Sommelier – Spaans Dak

Sarah Lacour
Sommelier – Alexandre

Daniele Sticca
Sommelier – La Cuisine d’un Gourmand

Andy De Brouwer
Head Sommelier – Les Eleveurs

William Wouters
Director – Spirodrome Charleroi

Frédérique de Thibault
Sommelier – Winery

“Acciaiolo 2011 was just heaven on earth. Sir Kwinten cuisine symbolizes a retrieved hedonism.”

Eric Boschman
Wine Writer




Located atop a 40 storey-high skyscraper at 110 Bishopsgate in the City of London, Duck & Waffle is the highest restaurant in the UK. The restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere encourages a convivial experience for guests with its array of dishes designed for sampling and sharing. Duck & Waffle places emphasis on local, rustic, seasonal and sustainable British ingredients, manifested in daily inspirations created from the market’s freshest offerings.


“One of the most interesting and fun lunches I had in 2014. The company along with selection of wines and food were absolutely spot on”


Maurizio Palomba
Head Sommelier
Duck & Waffle

David and Goliath

The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challange


Robin Goldsmith
Journalist – The Drinks Business

Vanessa Cinti
Head Sommelier – Cut at 45 Park Lane

Athila Roos
Head Sommelier – The Arts Club

Aristotelis Protopapas
Head Sommelier – The Savoy

Franco Fortunati
Head Sommelier – L’Anima

“This was a truly from the best experiences around food and wine I ever had! The venue was amazing and the wines were outstanding.”

Aristotelis Protopapas
Head Sommelier
The Savoy




Villa Lorraine is the quintessential gastronomic restaurant in Brussels, with a reputation going back to 1953. The amazing talents of Chef Camille Lurkin brought the Villa Lorraine three Michelin stars, which it kept from 1972 to 1984. However, it lost its last remaining star in 2006. In April 2012, Serge Litvine appointed a new chef, Alain Bianchin, who won back an initial star in less than 2 years. Two years later, young Chef Maxime Colin took over and is determined to restore Villa Lorraine to its former glory.


“There were some classic wines and others less known without any ideas of competition among them. The fact to taste them blind allows you to focus on their inner quality and we had good surprises! And also the gathering som- meliers sharing the same passion for food and wine made it very pleasant. It’s been a truly great moment!”


Antoine Lehebel
Head Sommelier
La Villa Lorraine

David and Goliath

The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challange


Antoine Lehebel
Head Sommelier – La Villa Lorraine

Christophe Spinelli
Blogger – Independant Journalist

William Wouters
Restaurant Manager – Spirodrome Charleroi

Nicolas Piolon
Sommelier – Friture René

Cesar Roman
Head Sommelier – Comme Chez Soi

Gontran Buyse
Head Sommelier – Va Doux Vent

Damien Brunet
Chef – Va Doux Vent

Gregory Van Acker
Head Sommelier – De Jonckman

“I was really surprised by the professional way the Themed Lunch was organized. It wasn’t that easy to see the difference between some of the Italian and French wines and I was amazed by the quality in my glasses!”

Gregory Van Acker
Head Sommelier
De Jonckman