The twin souls of Tuscany

The tradition of Chianti Classico VS the innovation of the Maremma

Tuscany is a promised land for wine, where tradition and innovation both combine and compete in establishing which is the emerging top-quality region. On one side there is Chianti Classico: an incomparable landscape with history and culture that date back to the Middle Ages, featuring stone farmhouses, villas, abbeys, parish churches and castles of exceptional beauty, along with vine-clad hillsides and outstanding wines. On the other side is the Maremma: known as “the other Tuscany”, where rural activities and especially viticulture are redeeming this area that was once unwholesome marshland. Here sweat and toil have always been the order of the day, whether the work involved was above ground or indeed below, in the mines. However, it offers one of the best terroirs for wine in the world.

Estates Involved