Italy’s effervescent delights

From Friuli to Puglia, discover the diversity of Italian Sparkling Wines

This Sommeliers’ Lunch focuses on sparkling wines, produced either with a second fermentation in bottle (the so-called Traditional Method) or in a stainless steel tank designed to withstand the high pressure involved (the Charmat process). This causes the wine to retain the effervescence that has been observed in wine throughout history, and was noted for the first time by Ancient Greek and Roman writers. This tasting, then, aims to reveal the diversity of Italian sparkling wines, both in terms of grape varieties, grown in different terroirs, and method of production.Though some wines are made according to the Traditional Method, most Italian sparkling wines are made by the Charmat process, with a level of effervescence that ranges from just slightly fizzy to intensely bubbly. We trust, therefore, that for all of you this Sommelier’s Themed Lunch will be an exciting and fascinating experience.

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