Humble Comparisons

Discovering wines to rival icons from around the globe

Around the world there are many wines that are viewed as icons. Often we will have vivid memories of the first time we taste an iconic wine: not just of the wine itself, but of the setting and circumstances too. We also tend to benchmark all other wines against them and most will pale in significance. Wines that are truly iconic have a long history of quality along with great popular success, despite wine trends and the changing tastes of the ever fickle consumer. However, what are the features and characteristics that made such icon wines in the first place? Are they considered by the critics to be the best stylistic expression of a particular grape variety or the perfect encapsulation in a bottle of a specific terroir? Even more difficult to define is that special moment when you taste a lesser known wine and it holds its own. This Sommeliers’ Themed Lunch hopes to recreate that moment, offering face-to-face comparisons between some truly iconic wines from around the globe and some of the new kids on the block.

Estates Involved