David and Goliath

The Italian and French wine traditions: an historic challenge

For two centuries, the Zonin family has dedicated itself to establishing its place in history as the predominant private producer in Italy. “We set out to buy important agricultural farms, choosing them on the basis of their geographical location. We wanted to offer our clients a complete range of high-quality wines from the seven Regions that are best suited to vine-growing and wine production in Italy”, says Gianni Zonin. Today the Zonin family’s 9 Estates have an extension of over 1800 hectares of vineyards. This quest for outstanding terroirs with distinctive climatic and morphological characteristics is one that is common to the world’s great wine-producing regions. So that is why this Sommeliers’ lunch is focusing on comparing and contrasting the Zonin family’s Estates’ top quality wines with French ones. France and its winemaking tradition have always been inspired by the same philosophy that animates the Zonin family’s career in wine production. This tasting, then, aims to match the same grape varieties, grown in different terroirs, offering an exciting and fascinating experience for all of you taking part.

Estates Involved