Aromatic grapes

The Art of Pairing Wines with Food

Our senses of smell and taste not only reveal the depth and complexity of a wine but are also capable of awakening emotional memories. With its 453 registered grape varieties, Italy offers wines with a huge diversity of flavors and aromas. This tasting will take our guest Sommeliers on a fascinating journey through a number of Italian appellations famous for producing perfumed wines. Although all grapes have their own bouquet, those that are considered “aromatic” are just those producing wines that are characterized by a strong and evident aroma present in the grapes themselves, the so called primary aroma.
“Aromatic Grapes” will therefore give an insight into some aromatic and semi- aromatic varieties, comparing and contrasting not only the organoleptic intensity and characteristics of each wine but also – thanks to the authoritative opinions
of professionals working in the on-trade – discussing its potential in
the international wine market.

Estates Involved