Epicurean is a club of selected sommeliers, journalists and opinion leaders who are bons vivants, enthusiastic travelers, and lovers of fine food and wine. This fast-growing community has been created by Zonin1821 to foster the enjoyment of Italian wine, responsible consumption, and our nation’s great passion for gastronomic traditions. Epicurean has been developed since 2013 through exciting activities as the Gastronomy Experience and the Sommeliers’ Themed Lunch.



An unforgettable journey to discover food artisans, from antipasto to dolce. An action-packed 3 days  including master classes, vertical tastings, blending games, delicious traditional local dishes and much more besides.

An exclusive and fascinating lunch in a prestige venue:

 the relaxed atmosphere encourages discussion on an interesting wine theme by the authoritative journalists and sommeliers who are present.

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